2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! We’re rounding up the best of the best gifts and some items you may not have thought of yet! There’s plenty of time to check out all of the items on this list and grab some for your friends and family. It makes holiday shopping a breeze when you can get it all done online.

Home Decor Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: Gerrard's Candles Gerrards Coffee Shop Candles

Gerrard’s Coffee Shop Candles

My house smells like a candy shop and I love it! I’m burning my new Gerrard’s Coffee Shop Candle in their delicious Cocoa Fudge scent. It’s available in coffee, cocoa, and tea scents.

All coffee mug candles come in a gift-ready box ready for a great house-warming or hostess gift this holiday season.

Check out these great scents on Amazon (free shipping with Prime): Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut Drip Coffee, Loose Leaf Herbal Tea, Organic Chamomile Tea, Spiced Chai Tea Latte.

Wamsutta Ultra Soft Micro Cotton Towels

Wamsutta® Ultra Soft MICRO COTTON® Bath Towel Collection

Bed, Bath and Beyond’s Wamsutta Micro Cotton towels bring that spa feeling home to the bathroom. They check off all the necessities you look for in a towel—they’re made with high-quality 100% cotton, so they’re durable and get fluffier after each wash.

The best part is that this collection is available in over 50 colors, so there’s bound to be a color for your loved ones. Plus, since these towels are made with special Color-Lock Technology, the color isn’t going to fade after washing.

Learn more and purchase here

Health and Beauty Gifts

Block Island Organics

I’ve been using Block Island Organics Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser and the Organic Revitalizing Night Cream for the past 3 weeks and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin texture.

As I’ve gotten older, there has been an increase in fine lines, laugh lines, and forehead creases – not that I’m keeping track or anything.  What I’ve noticed when using the Block Island Organics products is they are light and creamy and have no scent.

They make my skin feel smoother and softer. If you know anyone who uses non-toxic suncare and skincare products, these are a must-try.

SAVE 20% on Block Island Organics thru 12/31/2019 with the promotional code: sherry
Please note the code is not combinable with other codes.

Panic Aide

This little bottle is a lifesaver. Panic Aide is something that we’ve tried here at home and can actually say that it works.

It’s a 2oz quick drink with natural ingredients (including GABA, Lavender, Chamomile, and others). It takes about 15 minutes to kick in but once it does all that anxiety you’ve been holding on to seems to dissipate. Life becomes just a little more manageable at that moment.

My husband says it like this pressure that has been building up just melts away. We’ve used just half the bottle at a time instead of the full 2oz. and that amount works well for us. It is drug-free, with no sugar, vegan and only 5 calories.

The company also sells Anxiety Aide and a PM version on their website. Alternately, this item is also available on Amazon.

BEL ESSENCE Nutrition for the skin

I’ve talked before about how my skin has changed as I’ve moved into my (*cough*) mid-forties and with my weight loss on keto. Nothing more than loose skin in my neck, but it was bothering me. Hence, the need for the anti-wrinkle cream and neck cream from BEL ESSENCE. I’ve been faithfully using the cream and the Skin Firming Eye Serum for the past few weeks and I have noticed that the skin on my face is softer, and my neck is firmer.

The anti-wrinkle cream and neck cream uses nine natural oils containing important vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to help your skin fight environmental damage and reduce wrinkles for an anti-aging day cream (and night cream!) that works.

Their skin-firming eye serum is something that I use nightly, before bed and I’ve noticed that I haven’t been waking up to puffy eyes. That’s an improvement because here in Florida my allergies are bad and that leads to puffy eyes. I’m a fan of anything that can help. The fact that it helps with those fine lines is a good thing, too.

Ladder Energy


This NSF Certified for Sport supplement line, designed by and for LeBron James, is the ideal gift for any fitness enthusiast or athlete. The gift that keeps on giving, this season, let your friends and family unwrap the keys to training like the professionals. 

  • ENERGY: A pre-workout blend made for an effective boost. Made with natural green tea, which provides extra antioxidants and limits the caffeine crash. We added creatine, citicoline, beta-alanine, and l-theanine to increase focus and fight fatigue. 
  • GREENS: Rather than create a multivitamin, we identified the nutrients your body needs most – such as Vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin B12 – and built a better formula from natural sources like broccoli, spirulina, and matcha. 
  • PLANT PROTEIN: Our powerful pea and pumpkin protein contains all of the essential amino acids for promoting muscle growth and recovery. We paired it with digestive enzymes to help your body maximize absorption and added probiotics to give your immune system a boost.
  • WHEY PROTEIN: Our protein is made from a combination of milk and whey, sourced from grass-fed cows, and contains only the highest-grade isolates, which means no extra fat and carbs. A clean protein that delivers results.



Cleure offers a full range of sensitive skin care products. They have skincare, haircare, body care, oral care, and makeup. All the products offered are cruelty-free and do not contain fragrance, plant extracts, essential oils, parabens, or other irritants. 

They believe what goes on goes in and they only use the best ingredients in their products. No fillers, no-nonsense, and no toxic ingredients.

Learn more here


How cool is this? And perfect as a stocking stuffer!

The Bug Bite Thing is an easy-to-use suction tool that painlessly and effectively extracts insect saliva/venom from under the skin to eliminate the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with insect bites & stings. When you remove the irritant, the body stops producing the reaction that causes the itching and swelling. Unlike topical creams and ointments, the problem is eliminated, not masked.

• Helps alleviate pain, itching + swelling caused by bug bites and stings
• No cream, no chemicals + kid-friendly
• Reusable, compact + lightweight

Choose from one Bug Bite Thing or multi-packs perfect for gift giving. Buy on Amazon with FREE Prime Shipping

Designs for Health

Designs for Health

Annatto-GG™ 150

Annatto-GG™ 150, a product that provides 150 mg of geranylgeraniol (GG), a compound that plays a critical role in numerous biological processes affecting organs and tissues throughout the body. It features GG-Gold™, a patented form of GG that is extracted from annatto seeds. 

Annatto-GG™ 150 can help support the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones, healthy mitochondrial function and metabolic health. Even better? It helps support skin health, one of the first places that begin to show signs of aging by helping fight acne and psoriasis. According to Jason Bosley-Smith, MS, LDN, CNS, FDN, and Director of Education at DFH, “it’s like turning back the clock as it helps balance the body’s decreased production of GG, associated with the use of common prescription drugs.” 

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Stay Away Mosquitos


Stay Away Mosquitoes

Founded by leading pest prevention expert Kari Warberg Block, EarthKind® is a pioneer in natural prevention for families and households everywhere. EarthKind is a pest prevention brand that manufactures naturally powerful and effective pest solutions that keep pests away, without killing or poisoning them. All EarthKind® products are designed by inventive artists, scientists, and engineers who care about the earth. 

Named a top travel product by Inside Weddings, EarthKind’s Stay Away Mosquitoes comes in both a travel-size and full-size bottle. Its DEET-Free, unscented, skin-friendly formula is safe for use during pregnancy and on children when used as directed, without the worries of harsh chemicals. Stay Away Mosquitoes provides 14-hour protection from mosquitoes & ticks, and 8-hour protection from biting flies (no-see-ums), gnats, and chiggers. It also protects you from more serious diseases such as ZIKA, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue, and that terrifying EEE virus. 

Stay Away Rodent

Stay Away Rodent

Stay Away® Rodent’s fast-acting, plant-powered ingredients are sourced with 80% coming from American regenerative family farms, upholding EarthKind’s commitment to sustaining a transparent ingredient supply-chain. The formula, consisting of balsam fir oil, lavender oil, Spanish rosemary oil, cedar oil, orange oil, lemon oil, and plant fibers, generates a powerful scent that, while pleasant to us, effectively disturbs mice and rats’ highly-sensitive scent receptors, making them stay away without causing them, you, or the environment any harm. 

Stay Away Moths


Stay Away Moths

EarthKind’s plant-based and poison-free Stay Away Moths repellent swaps toxic moth-balls for a unique blend of essential oils. Its cedarwood, geranium, and geraniol patented formula effectively keep moths away without harm to you, your pets, children or environment while preserving the quality and longevity of your favorite clothes. 



New video streaming service! 

Collage Video, established in 1987, with a reputation as the premier fitness exercise catalog worldwide, is excited to announce the launch of CollageVideo.TV. Now fans can access the wide breadth of products and instructors with this new unlimited streaming service for only $9.99 a month. Viewers are encouraged to sign up for a free 7 day trial at www.collagevideo.tv to browse around, follow along and workout to their favorite trainers and their discipline of choice. CollageVideo.TV can be seen on virtually any device including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, personal computers/laptops, and many more.

While customers can still choose to purchase from thousands of DVDs online at Collage Video, the CollageVideo.TV streaming service offers immediate and constant access to hundreds of hours of top programs from instructors like Denise Austin, Jack LaLanne, Gilad, Kathy Smith, Scott Cole, Joyce Vedral, Amy Bento and more. There’s something for everyone, from beginning workouts to advanced workouts, senior workouts, and everything in between, including multiple disciplines, easily categorized and accessed, such as step, cardio, yoga, Pilates, dance, and more. 

Learn more

Food and Drink Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide: Mionetto Sparkling Wines

Holiday Gift Guide: Mionetto Sparkling Wines

Holiday Gift Guide: Mionetto Sparkling Wines

Holiday Gift Guide: Mionetto Sparkling Wines

Mionetto Wines

As we head into the holidays we should take a few moments to enjoy the journey. That’s why I had a wine date with a good friend over the weekend. I set up a charcuterie board and some snacks, along with Mionetto wine and Brut. Good food, great wine, and meaningful conversation made for a wonderful afternoon.

Whether you are joining one friend or attending a family get-together, Mionetto has you covered. The Mionetto Rosé Extra Dry tastes just like summer feels and is now a go-to for winter gatherings. Sometimes you need to bring summer with you to the party. Light and crisp with fruity notes and a touch of sweet strawberry and cherry flavors.

The Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut pairs deliciously with chocolate, and pretty much anything on our charcuterie board. While my friend was loving the Rosé Extra Dry the best, I personally enjoyed the Prosecco even more. It had notes of honey and peaches and is my new favorite Brut.

Gourmet Salt Collection Gift Tropical Hibiscus Salt

The Spice Lab

The Gourmet Salt Collection from The Spice Lab has eleven of the best tasting and hard to find salts in the world. It’s absolutely a must for any gourmet or at-home cook.

My daughter loves to cook with me and has had a fun time experimenting with the different flavored salts.  I’m a fan of the Applewood Smoked and her favorite so far is Himilayan Crystal Pink Salt. I would say the most unique flavor I’ve tried is the Tropical Hibiscus.

This collection is for anyone who loves to try new foods and likes to experiment with flavor. The salt comes in Pyrex test tubes with all-natural cork stoppers and contains between 0.7 to 1.3 oz of salt depending on the density of the salt. The test tubes sit in a wooden base that fits in nicely with kitchen decor.

Free Your Tea Subscription Free Your Tea Subscription Free Your Tea Subscription Free Your Tea Subscription

Free Your Tea

A nice relaxing moment with a cup of tea and a good book. That’s my happy place. Free Your Tea is a personalized tea subscription service that tailors your tea to your likes. Simply start with a 6-tea sampler and then rate your teas on their website as you drink them to tailor them to your tastes. That way they know which ones you liked and can send you those or different ones in the next order.

When I ordered mine, I took a survey about what kind of tea I liked versus teas that I avoided so that they could get a baseline for my preferences. They also have caffeine-free options if you’re like me and prefer those.

My first package included these six teas: Holy Basil Mint, Yuzu Rooibos, Ginger Mint Lemon, Honey Bush, Green Rooibos, and Minty Chamomile.

Instructions are included on each package of loose-leaf tea for convenience and I used a metal tea ball to steep my drinks. The Holy Basil Mint is sweet and light and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. Yuzu Rooibos smells of oranges while steeping and tastes fruity and floral. Honey Bush has a floral scent and tastes delicious, while Ginger Mint Lemon is light and refreshing. It’s fun to try all these new flavors and I’m looking forward to seeing what I get in the next package.


Drinking for Two: Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be

Designed specifically for pregnant, breastfeeding, and soon-to-be moms, Drinking for Two provides 45+ delicious, plant-based mocktail recipes carefully crafted to deliver essential nutrients and antioxidants, and target common pregnancy symptoms, all leading to a healthy pregnancy.

Whether you are pregnant or not, Drinking for Two: Nutritious Mocktails for the Mom-To-Be is a great book of delicious and nutritious mocktails that will call to your taste buds.

The Funky Monkey Mocktail was my favorite (Oh my word!) – yummy and filled with nutrients. It was filling and easy to make. That is how all the recipes in this unique book are set up. Next on my must-try list is the No Way Rose. Mmm.

Where was this book when I was pregnant? I would have enjoyed every one of these recipes, and maybe I would have controlled my cravings a little better. 😉 

Burl Barley Granola

Burl Barley Granola

Burl Barley Granola

That might look like rolled oats but its rolled barley! Burl Barley Granola is a new granola made with rolled barley rather than oats. Barley has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor, which makes this granola taste absolutely amazing.  And unlike some other granolas, the ingredient list is short, clean, and simple so you can feel good about it too. 
This granola is loved by kids as well as adults, and it makes a delicious gift.  It even fits in a stocking!  
The granola is available at burlgranola.com in two flavors, Cranberry granola, and Maple Syrup & Pecan granola. 
Both flavors are delicious with yogurt, or even prepared as a hot cereal like oatmeal. And there are lots of recipes posted on the website including tasty desserts, breakfasts, and more.
Gift cards are also available at burlgranola.com and can be emailed directly to your loved one’s inbox, in case you need to get a last-minute gift.

Designs for Health


A convenient, nutritious food bar specifically formulated for those on keto and low carb diets and is made with keto-friendly sweeter Allulose.

Each delicious chocolate and coconut flavored bar provides 15 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and only 2 net carbs. 

KTO-Bar is currently sold in a pack of 12 available on Amazon.

Kracklin Kumat


KAMUT® brand Khorasan wheat is an ancient grain, guaranteed under the KAMUT® brand, to never be hybridized or genetically modified, always organically grown, and is prized for its nutrition, ease of digestibility, sweet nutty-buttery taste, and firm texture. It is an excellent source of protein, fiber, and many vitamins and is high in minerals including selenium. 

Kracklin’ KAMUT® is a nutritious and delicious snack made with only three ingredients, including the ancient grain KAMUT® brand Khorasan wheat, which is organically grown in Montana and carefully roasted in small batches at the Kracklin’ KAMUT® plant using Montana-grown, organic, cold-pressed, hi-oleic safflower oil, which is fresh-pressed nearby at The Oil Barn®, and then the grains are lightly seasoned with sea salt from ancient buried sites in Utah.

Learn more.

Kitchen Gifts

NoBox – Live Outside the Box

I am not a professional chef but I enjoy cooking and spend a lot of my time in the kitchen. Let me tell you about a knife that is changing the way I prep food. It’s changing the way I prep because it makes prep so much easier!

This beautiful all-purpose chef knife has an ergonomic, 4-inch rosewood handle and an 8-inch full-tang stainless steel blade. It is the sharpest kitchen knife that I’ve personally ever used. I easily sliced through this spaghetti squash with this knife and I’ve also used it to slice tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples.

I’m able to simplify my kitchen because of the NoBox chef knife. It is like having multiple kitchen knives in one sturdy versatile knife. It carves, slices, chops, fillets, and cuts. The handle is weighted and balanced for comfort. I can attest to the fact that is is easy to use and the blade does all the work for me.

Also available for purchase on Amazon Prime.

Gifts That Help The Environment

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Epic Water Filters

Epic Water Filters

EPIC Water Filters

Whether it’s at home or on the road, we use Epic Water Filters. We love taking family hikes and fill the wide mouthed filter bottle with water before we leave. It’s the right size that I can easily fill the bottle on a daily basis to monitor my water intake, too.

At home, we use the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher because it filters out 99.99% of all tap water contaminants. I’m trying to keep my family healthy and this is just one small way I can do that.

Epic Water Filters offers a wide variety of options for your water filter options, including jugs, pitchers, bottles, and home filtration systems. Check out all their options here.

nOcean Straw: Family Love and Other Stuff's 2019 Gift Guide


This may look like a cute bracelet, but it’s actually what nOcean calls a strawlete. nOcean is a reusable straw that is also a stylish bracelet and half of all proceeds go towards cleaning the Ocean of plastic and other debris.

This is the blue and it’s super cute but I love, love, love that I can use it as a reusable straw when I’m out and about.  The straw is made from medical grade silicone and surgical steel it is both beautiful and made to last. It easily comes apart for drinking with and includes a cleaner and cover to keep it ready for use.

The idea behind nOcean was to prevent single-use plastics and clean the ocean so 50% of net profits go to ocean clean up efforts.

I chose the blue and silver strawlete because I wear white gold and silver so it matches my style. These straws come in three colors (additional colors are Rose and Gold and Black and Gold).


Holiday Gift Guide: Lunchbox Packs

Holiday Gift Guide: Lunchbox Packs

Holiday Gift Guide: Lunchbox Packs


No more disposable plastics for us. Our family has stopped using plastic straws and are trying to reduce our dependency on disposable plastics. When it comes to hiking, for us, we’ve started using the hydration pack.

My new favorite hiking staple is this Hydration Backpack from Lunchbox. You can even make it even more personalized for your adventure with additional skins and lightshow wires. The interchangeable skin designs feature artwork by community festival artists, festival brands, and record labels. This hydration pack would be the perfect accessory for outdoor festivals and theme park visits, too!

What makes Lunchbox packs unique?

Anti-theft features

  • The Inverted Zipper Design means when your lunchbox is on, no one can unzip your bag without touching your back and alerting you.
  • Ballistic Nylon Materials protect your valuables from some of the more aggressive pickpocketing techniques.
  • Protective Zipper Clips. The Lunchbox has one external zipper — to get into the juicebox bladder. To protect this pocket, they’ve added a clip to the zipper for additional security.
  • Frontal Phone Pouch to keep your phone secure and accessible at all times.

In addition to these great features, it’s comfortable and easy to use. There is a cover on the mouthpiece to keep it clean of dust and the elements. I think the best part of the pack is that it is customizable and easily usable. Everything you need in one backpack and you can keep your hands free to do other things without worry.

Hello Tushy

Hello Tushy Bidet


I don’t tend to think about how much toilet paper we (as a whole) use on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. I can only assume that it’s more than I can even imagine. Just think of what would happen if we could reduce the amount of toilet paper used just by using a bidet instead.

TUSHY shares some of the best reasons to try a bidet in addition to environmental reasons, on their blog. Included in their list are benefits for men, women, children, and seniors.

The TUSHY Classic is their most popular option, comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee, and free shipping.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Just one more reason to ditch one-use plastics! The Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle comes in a range of colors to fit your mood and help the environment. 

The reusable Nomader® Collapsible Water Bottle is the perfect gift item for travel lovers and active lifestyle enthusiasts because it:
  • makes travel hydration easy and sustainable by taking up minimal bag space and eliminating the need for wasteful single-use bottles. 
  • can be rolled up and stashed away when not in use, yet it’s as comfortable to drink from as a hard-sided bottle.
  • features a patented leakproof cap, an ergonomic carry strap, and a wide mouth for easy cleaning.
  • is lightweight, freezable, heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and backed by a lifetime warranty.
Nomader® (nomad-er) was founded by Bryan Sarlitt, an avid traveler and entrepreneur who became frustrated with the lack of quality hydration products made for travel. Determined to find a solution, Bryan invested his savings to create an innovative, high-quality reusable water bottle that he and other travelers would love. 
Nomader® water bottles retail for $29.95 (on sale for $24.95 through 12/31) and are available in a variety of bright & stylish colors on their website at www.nomader.com and on Amazon.

Clothing Gifts

Bleuet Girl Box Bleuet Girl Note


Bleuet surprised me by going the extra mile when sending their package so you can read more about them on my post here along with pictures of my daughter opening the box.

My daughter wears their lilac/coral colored camisole in a 7/8. They do have a fit guide on the site that is easy to use so that you get the perfect fit. Bleuet believes in designing age-appropriate undergarments that give your young girl the confidence in her body and its changes as she goes about her daily routine.

This is a company that I highly recommend for age-appropriate undergarments and their level of outstanding customer service. Bleuet bras, racerbacks, and camisoles are designed to give her comfort and confidence.

Shop now.

Alana Athletica

Alana Athletica

Alana Athletica

Alana Athletica sells both leggings and tops and they are a company that is making a social impact. What they are doing is truly inspirational. 

Alana Athletica is the world’s first social [impact] activewear brand and makes premium quality activewear with a mission to [impact] the lives of courageous women in Sri Lanka who have survived abuse.

As advocates of social change, Alana works in partnership with humanitarian organizations to [educate], [employ], and [empower] women with private tutoring, job skills training, employment opportunities and self-defense training. Every garment sold supports women across these socioeconomic causes, helping them to survive and empowering them to thrive.

Alana’s commitment to women empowerment runs through every part of its business. Garments are made ethically in Sri Lanka in small production houses with a 100% women production workforce that receives food, fair wages, and a humane environment.

Shop Now.

Tucketts Toeless Socks


Tucketts toeless, grip workout socks, comfort for barefoot workouts. These high-performance workout socks allow for freedom, balance, comfort, and stability.

They come in a variety of colors and 5 different styles, including the anklet, ballerina, allegro, knee-high and leg warmers.

Allegro Used for all barefoot workouts including aqua aerobics. The soft strap and stitched heel secure the foot for comfort. From yoga and barre classes to martial arts applications and more, one will feel secure in movements, and feet will have a complete range of motion. Elastic trim supports ankles throughout the workout, and the top of each sock remains open to allow ample airflow. This innovative design gives the best of both worlds. If you can’t wear shoes but prefer not to go completely barefoot, these non-slip Pilates socks are the perfect solution. Since the toes are open and only the first two toes are separated, one can easily make the small balance adjustments that are often necessary for various workouts.

Ballerina Perfect for Barre and Pilates, but not for yoga, this patented toe free design feels like a whisper, and allows one to channel their inner ballerina. The ballerina-inspired socks have the shape of a ballet flat with open toes and were created specifically with Pilates and barre classes in mind. Both Pilates and barre were originally designed to be performed barefoot, but, sometimes a little more traction is needed. Just like a ballerina’s pointe shoes must fit impeccably in order to be able to perform at peak performance, non-slip barre socks need to conform to the foot perfectly. With Tucketts signature toeless design, it’s easy to make tiny adjustments to balance. Movements can be executed with complete confidence and never have to worry about slipping. Whether you’re worried about perspiration causing feet to slip or just wanting more traction during barefoot exercise, these socks are perfect.

Anklet Used for all barefoot workouts with great arch support, these ankle grip socks are designed for all types of barefoot exercises. With the dual benefit of traction and circulation, toes will have full mobility, which allows for best stability. Get all the support needed from a compression-style sock without worrying about the possibility of slipping. Unlike other yoga socks that separate or cover the toes completely, Tucketts provides separation between the first two toes only, leaving the others free to grasp the mat and make balance adjustments. No matter if you’re headed to your weekly Pilates class or if you’ve decided to venture out into martial arts, these non-slip ankle socks offer arch support while still maintaining a barefoot feeling.

Knee-High Used for all barefoot workouts with arch and heel support, and compression, these toeless knee-high socks are perfect for Pilates, barre, yoga, martial arts, and more. Whatever your barefoot exercise may be, our socks give you fantastic arch and ankle support that just isn’t possible when you’re completely barefoot.

Leg Warmers Perfect for all barefoot workouts and streetwear, working out with leg warmers keeps muscles warm to prevent injury. These leg warmers provide a complete range of motion to perform intricate movements while keeping muscles warm and agile. Perfect to stay cozy on chilly days! Originally worn by dancers to warm up at the barre and during 80’s exercise classes, workout leg warmers are now used everywhere in the world of fitness. During any type of workout, it’s important to keep muscles warm at all times in order to prevent injury. Tucketts leg warmers assure a complete range of motion to perform intricate movements while keeping joints and muscles warm and agile.

Available at Amazon and www.tucketts.com.

Jewelry Gifts

Luc and Bell Children's Bracelets

Luc and Bell Children's Bracelets

Luc and Bell Bracelets

Luc & Bell

These handmade children’s bracelets from Luc & Bell are made with love and each bead has a meaning. Well-crafted and wrapped in gift bags, they make beautiful gifts this holiday season. My daughter fell in love with the wolf bead bracelet stack and has not wanted to take it off at all. It’s totally her style and it makes her feel strong.

Some of the beads they use offer unique symbolism:

The silver heart – because you’re loved and in turn, you share your love

An animal bead – we specifically focus on animals with strong bonds to signify we are all a part of a bigger picture, stronger together.

Red bead – symbolizing strength and protection

A portion of each bracelet sold by Luc & Bell is donated to help children in need. This is such a beautifully unique company and they share such a positive message that I know children everywhere will fall in love with their jewelry.

Take a peek at some of our favorite items:

Double Wrap Ladybug Bracelet | Double Wrap Cat Bracelet | Double Wrap Penguin Bracelet

Holiday Gift Guide: Rogers & Hollands Bangle

Holiday Gift Guide: Rogers & Hollands Bangle

Holiday Gift Guide: Rogers & Hollands Pearl Necklace

Rogers & Hollands

With both jewelry selections for children and adults, Rogers & Hollands is the perfect online shop to select the right gifts for everyone on your list. The adjustable Heart March Birthstone Crystal Tween Charm Bangle Bracelet has the perfect amount of sparkle for my daughter. Plus 25¢ of each charm bangle bracelet is donated to Generation Rescue, a national organization committed to improving the quality of life for those affected with autism.

I fell in love with the Oval Grey, Blue & Teal Freshwater Pearl necklace because I can dress it up or down. On an 18″ chain, it fits perfectly on my neck and can wear with a dress or a sweater and jeans. It is totally my style and there are tons of options available to choose from on their website should I decide I need more jewelry before the holidays.

Books to Gift

DC Comics Books

DC Comics Books

DC Comics Books

DC Comics Super Hero Books

It’s no secret that my kids devour books on a daily basis. Any book they can get their hands on is free-game. Add superheroes to the books and you have a home run. That’s where the latest DC Comics Super Hero books come in to play. They make the perfect books for our gift guide.


A new era of DC Super Hero Girls begins in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: AT METROPOLIS HIGH! When Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, and Zatanna are continually late to class because of their crime-fighting, they are sentenced to finding an after-school club for a whole week … or else they’ll be suspended!

But finding a club is not as easy as it looks, and when the girls keep finding themselves kicked out of the clubs they like, they must think outside of the box and go outside their comfort zones to avoid suspension. Just when they thought secret identities and balancing school with super-heroics had enough challenges!

DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: AT METROPOLIS HIGH continues to develop the relationships forged throughout the beloved DC Super Hero Girls series. This story is perfect for ages 6-10 and a great entry point into the DC Universe and graphic novels.


The greatest heroes in the DC Comics universe, the Justice League, answer mail from their biggest fans–kids!–courtesy of Michael Northrop, New York Times best-selling author of TombQuest, and artist Gustavo Duarte.

Does Superman ever make mistakes? What was Wonder Woman’s eleventh birthday like? Does Aquaman smell like fish? In this new middle-grade graphic novel, iconic heroes are asked questions both big and small, and when they are not busy saving the world, the Justice League even finds time to respond. Their honest and humorous answers will surprise and delight readers of any age, as it turns out that being a superhero is not too different from being a kid. 

Full of feats, follies, and colorful illustrations, DEAR JUSTICE LEAGUE gives readers the inside scoop into everyday heroics, no matter who wears the cape!


Warning! Unless you have express permission from young Russell Weinwright to access his personal journal, do not read any further. This blurb is strictly off-limits! Seriously, we mean it.

Okay, if you are still with us, here is what we can share: Russell is a middle schooler; he excessively doodles in his spiral notebook; he has two best friends, Charlotte and Preston; he is not-so-great at sports; and he is pond scum. Nicknamed “Swamp Kid” by his classmates, Russell has algae for hair, a tree trunk of a right arm, webbed toes, and a parsnip for a thumb. Also, Russell’s favorite meal is sunlight. Also, a frog lives in his arm. 

In this notebook, Russell details, in both hilarious text and green-tinted illustrations (complete with ketchup stains!), what it’s like to be different, to be comfortable in his own skin (no matter how slimy), to discover his true talents, to avoid the intense stare of Mr. Finneca (his suspicious science teacher), and to find humor in the everyday weird. 

This is THE SECRET SPIRAL OF SWAMP KID by writer and illustrator Kirk Scroggs, and you’ll never look at the bayou the same way again.

Although my kids look serious while reading these middle-grade titles, they giggled at the plot lines and were laughing by the time they were done reading the books. Now, they have other DC Comics Super Hero books on their wish lists.

Photo Credit: Once Upon The Table


Create your own family keepsake with ONCE UPON THE TABLE. With ONCE UPON THE TABLE, you can create a family cookbook and private website to share your family’s collection of recipes, stories, and traditions. 

The process is easy and you’ll get a weekly recipe prompt by email and each one is meant to help you capture the stories and recipes that are special in your life. I find that food and memories go hand in hand, especially when it comes to family recipes. 

Examples of some of the recipe prompts:

  • What is your go-to meal for a potluck?

  • What recipe reminds you of your home town?

  • What recipe reminds you of your favorite family tradition?

  • What is your favorite meal for a special occasion?

What I love is that I can add images and the recipe and anything else that comes to mind. In the end, I’ll have a completed cookbook to share with my family. Learn more here

A Cup of Holiday Fear

The Bakeshop Mystery Series

This series by Ellie Alexander is set in the charming Shakespearean hamlet of Ashland, Oregon and features a romantic pastry chef, Juliet, who has returned home to heal her broken heart and help run her family’s artisan bakeshop, Torte. Each book includes original handcrafted recipes for delectable pastries and sweets along with a side of murder! 
The 10th book in the series, A CUP OF HOLIDAY FEAR, just released and will make for fun holiday reading.

A CUP OF HOLIDAY FEAR by Ellie Alexander

Torte, Ashland’s favorite bakeshop is decking the halls and brewing up cups of holiday cheer. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is dark for the season, but spirits are high as twinkle lights illuminate Main Street and snow falls softly on rooftops. Torte is bustling with activity. Jules and her team are rolling out dozens of Christmas tree cutouts and dusting them with sparkling green sugar. Helen’s signature Antoinettes, a delectable almond cookie filled with raspberry preserves and slathered with chocolate buttercream, are an instant hit. As are Andy’s peppermint bark mochas and eggnog shooters. While carolers serenade shoppers in the plaza, Jules packages up festive boxes of holiday sweets. She feels a bit like Santa Claus as she delivers glistening Christmas stolens, dainty tea cakes, and mincemeat pies.
To cap off the merry season, Jules and Helen host their annual staff party at the historic Winchester Inn’s Dickens Feast. The six-course dinner is a beloved tradition, complete with Yorkshire pudding and a Christmas goose. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and even a cheerless Ebenezer Scrooge delight dinner guests with jokes, friendly banter, and surprise gifts. As snow piles up outside the hot buttered rum and mulled wine keep everyone toasty inside. However, just as the dessert course is about to be served the power goes out. When the glow of warm light returns, the merriment evaporates. One of the guests is sprawled out in front of the twenty-foot Christmas tree. Suddenly Jules finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Her only wish this Christmas is to catch a killer.
Available from your favorite booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks
Comic Crate Monthly Subscription Box

Comic Crate Monthly Subscription Box

Whether you’re getting a Comic Crate for a Reluctant Reader, English Language Learner, Proficient Reader, or Comic Book Lover, they’re sure to love the fun, engaging storytelling in today’s comic books.

All the comics in your Comic Crate feature great stories, quality artwork, adventure, and suspense.

Each month, you’ll receive six brand-new comics, personally selected by parents who are also comic book lovers. Sometimes they swap in a vintage collectible comic for a surprise!

Comic Crate makes it easy for you to give the gift of reading.
Learn more at Comic Crate.

A Kids Book About...

A Kids Book About

A Kids Book About is a collection of beautifully designed books that kickstart challenging, empowering, and important conversations for kids ages 5+ and their grownups. 

Some of the titles include:

A Kids Book About Racism
A Kids Book About Money
A Kids Book About Depression
A Kids Book About Belonging
A Kids Book About Creativity……
And more. 
Unique Approach 
The first thing you’ll notice about our books is that they’re different. We wanted to create books that treated kids like they were smart and spoke to them straightforwardly and honestly. Our books emphasize color, layout, and type to help kids apply the stories to their lives instead of only thinking of the characters in the book. Our books are twice as long as most children books, enabling a deeper dive on each subject. Our books are honest and don’t shy away from the most difficult aspects of each topic. 

Learn more at A Kids Book About

QiGong by Chris Sheldon


Total Health with the 5 Elements; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood 

Chris Shelton takes readers through simple yet effective practices to get energies humming. Beginning with a clear explanation of the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine, the book presents simple meditations and traditional physical exercises based on this QiGong theory. Regularly practicing these exercises leads one into greater awareness of the body, and gradually restores health from the inside out. There is a five-element questionnaire to ascertain personal element type and to create and target a personalized exercise program according to one’s needs. 

Learn more at https://sheltonqigong.com or Amazon.

Yoga from Chronic Pain


Relief from chronic pain with yoga is possible, done properly and for the right reasons. In her book, “Yoga for Chronic Pain…WTF?” certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) Samantha Parker, explains how traditional poses may be causing you more harm than good, along with simple Do’s and Don’ts to keep yourself safe on your yoga journey. She provides readers keen insights into what is physically, mentally and emotionally happening to the body throughout a yoga practice, with simple explanations on how and what Kinesiophobia, Neuroplasticity, and Hypersensitivity are, their correlation to chronic pain and how yoga is able to combat the true source of your pain!

Samantha Parker takes away the mystery and presents the practical side of yoga with her no-nonsense approach, quick wit and arms the reader with the knowledge on how to walk into any yoga class, keep yourself safe, then walk away and implement the work you did on your mat in working to achieve the healthy happy life you desire.

Learn more.

Technology Gifts

VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

Save the precious memories from your own childhood, elder relatives, and more with your new children as they grow. Compare memories and events between generations, saving and sharing them before they are lost to time and technology. Get organized before it’s too late!

VIDBOX offers Video Conversion and Audio Conversion products that enable you to transfer your old VHS, VHS-C, Beta, and other analog format Video, as well as cassette and Phonograph records, to DVD and digital formats – thus saving space, organizing your collections and most importantly – Saving Your Precious Memories, and enabling you to share them!  Have your old football tapes, TV recorded games, or other old memories deteriorating, convert them now.

Convert and save videos on either PC or MAC computers. 

Sold at Best Buy, Amazon, QVC, HSN and more. Check out vidboxinc.com for more details and products. 

Travis Touch Plus Travel Translator

Travis Touch Plus

Travis® Touch Plus is the ultimate smart language translator that fits in the palm of your hand. It translates your speech into another language and speaks it back to you.

Travis Touch Plus works online & offline, you just need to press a button, start conversing, and your voice will be translated to any of the supported 105 languages.

Plus, they are donating $2.50 per device sold to Travis Foundation, who is dedicated to digitizing lesser-resourced languages.

Learn more here.




SkinIt makes high-quality vinyl skins for virtually any tech device, as well as high-quality phone cases. Everything is customizable, making these perfect for office exchanges, stocking stuffers for hard-to-shop-for teens, or side gifts to the main technology gift.

Top-selling skin types (by device) are:

  • PS4 controllers / bundles
  • Amazon Echo & Echo Dot
  • MacBook Pro
  • iPhones (XR, X/XS, 8) (cases & skins) 
  • HP Elitebook
  • Xbox One controllers / bundles
  • Surface Pro
  • Beats Pro Wireless
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Pixel Phones
  • Juul vape (I know, I know)
  • Skins for the Otterbox Defender

Learn more here

Gifts for Kids

My First Balance Bike

Little Tikes My First Balance 2 Pedal Bike

The perfect training bike for any toddler learning to ride their first bike! My First Balance Bike is the only bike that transitions into a regular bicycle without having to add or remove any pieces. A one-of-a-kind bike, this rider is available in pink or green and comes with thoughtful safety and design features like:

  • Solid rims for added safety (never a flat tire)
  • Adjustable handle and seat for bike transition
  • Patented telescoping cranks and articulating pedals that fold out for the ‘Grow With Me’ mode to accommodate big milestones
  • Easily transforms back to a balance bike 
  • Pedals stay stored under the seat for ease of learning to balance

Available on Amazon and Target. 

L.O.L. Surprise 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

The 2-in-1 Glamper includes 55+ surprises to unbox, 10+ hangout areas and an exclusive doll. The front detaches to become a separate car with D.J. booth, working headlights, and horn. The back opens up to 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide for the full glam life experience. Dolls can get the L.O.L. Surprise! party going by sliding down the 2-story slide, swimming in the light-up pool, then getting ready for their star moment at the vanity before strutting their stuff on the fashion runway. The 2-in-1 Glamper fits L.O.L. Surprise! dolls of all sizes and includes lights and sounds that really work! 

Available on Amazon

Gifts for Her


The Couple’s Bucket List

Not sure what to do on date night? Want to bring the focus back to romance in your relationship? This Christmas why not give your loved one the perfect gift to show them you care? This beautiful box is filled to the brim with 100 fun & fresh date night ideas for couples. It’s broken up into three themes: Life, Love & Laughter, and even has dividers to keep track of what items have been done! 

Available on Amazon.

The Self Care Bucket List

The Self Care Bucket List

Want the perfect gift for someone who seems to put everyone else first? Show them how much you love them, and how much you want them to take out for themselves with the Self Care Bucket List! In the box, you’ll find 100 ideas to focus on you. It’s the perfect gift for teachers, nurses, and other caretakers in your life.  It’s broken up into three themes: Life, Love & Laughter, and it also has dividers to keep track of what items have been done! 

Available on Amazon.

One Of A Kind Gifts




Turn personal stories into one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family (or yourself!). Tellinga illustrates personalized stories as unique gifts and sends them through traditional mail. It can be fun, dramatic, thoughtful… anything! Your mailbox isn’t dead – it’s more alive than ever! 

We live in such a digital world these days as we are always emailing, text messaging and following each other’s social media accounts.  Some things, such as traditional mail (mailbox) have been forgotten.  Tellinga offers a way to tap back into the tangible and traditional by providing a product that you can touch and feel on a deeper level rather than staring at another screen.  This the anti-social media company!

Tellinga currently employees 26 collegiate artists across the country and they are giving these students a way to express themselves and use their hard-earned art degrees. 


  1. First, select your story length, rating, and genre
  2. Next, upload a photo and add a description of your desired story (reminisce a memory or create a brand new story)
  3. After receiving your request, our team of professional artists will start working on your story     
  4. A few days later, the designated recipient of the story will start receiving unique hand-drawn images every other day in their mailbox until the package ends.

I’m blown away by how awesome this gift is and I cannot wait to try the service out myself.