SEINT Beauty Artist


As a non-makeup-wearing, forty-something mom of 2, I found that I lacked self-confidence. That’s why, in 2018, I lost 45 pounds and started my journey of growth. From reading a recent book to putting myself out there with new friendships, I worked on expanding my horizons. But I still lacked self-confidence. 

I’ve never worn makeup, except a few times here or there when I would wear brown eyeshadow and a little lipstick. I have naturally rosy cheeks, so I never experimented with using blush. Then, one of my best friends started her SEINT Beauty business, and I watched all her videos and looked at her before and after pictures. I watched her self-confidence grow and after lurking in her group for a long while; I reached out and said I can do this.

And here we are. Here I am. Putting myself out there for a product I believe enhances our natural beauty. It’s light, and I can control how much or how little coverage I have daily.  And I have confidence. Slowly, but surely, I’m rewiring my thought process and throwing myself out there to share my love of SEINT. Thanks for joining me on this trip. 

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