101 DALMATIANS Diamond Edition Releasing February 10, 2015 #101Dalmatians

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101 dalmatians movie and puppy

101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition

In December, I had the opportunity to sit down with Floyd Norman while I was in L.A. and listen to him talk about his work as an animator on the 101 Dalmatians film. He has such an interesting story and I can’t wait to share some of his experiences with you later this week.

On February 10, 2015, Disney is releasing the 101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD combo pack. I have a secret to confess. Until this past weekend, I had never watched 101 Dalmatians. Gasp! (I know, right!) When the movie showed up, I popped some buttery popcorn, set up drinks for everyone, and we all sat down and watched the movie. My hubby, my six year old, my four year old, and I all gathered on the couch and popped in the 101 Dalmatians Blu-ray.

My kids absolutely adored these sweet dalmatians, and I have to say that they tugged on my heartstrings a bit, too. What a great Disney classic, and I still don’t know why I waited so long to watch it. Since we’ve received the Blu-ray, we’ve watched it no less than four times. My kids are in love with these puppies! My son loved the car chase with Cruella De Vil, the bad guys, and the box truck with the dalmatians. They each have their favorite puppies, from Lucky to Patch, they can’t get enough.

101 dalmations

The 101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition Combo Pack includes these bonus features.

  • New Animated Short  – “The Further Adventures of Thunderbolt” – Pick up the action where the movie left off in the pups’ favorite show
  • Dalmatians 101 – Hosted by Disney Channel’s Cameron Boyce
  • Lucky Dogs – Conversations with The Disney Team
  • Walt Disney Presents “The Best Doggoned Dog in the World” (1961 Version)
  • Disney View – Expand your viewing experience

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  1. I have always loved this movie and need to get the new BluRay edition and have this movie in my collection! This is a classic and I love animal movies!