5 Awesome Uses for Epic Wipes

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Epic Wipes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a fan of wet wipes since my first child was born. Besides being used for diaper time, there are so many other uses for wipes. From small spills, to cleaning your car, home, and the kids’ sticky fingers I can tell you that wipes have been a life saver. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could find a larger wipe? I hadn’t given it much thought, but now that I’ve used Epic Wipes I have all these ideas on how they can work to make my life easier.

When you open the package, you get a faint eucalyptus scent and the wipe feels like fabric. It doesn’t feel like a smaller wipe would feel and when you use it your skin feels clean and there’s no smell on your skin. That’s important to my husband. For me, I have severe asthma and it’s important that I don’t have strongly scented products and Epic Wipes fits the bill.

5 Awesome Uses for Epic Wipes

Natural Disaster

Just last week we were under a hurricane threat here in Florida and were preparing by buying water and canned goods. We also made sure that we had batteries for the flashlights and candles just in case we lost power. What I hadn’t thought about were Epic Wipes until they were delivered the day before the storm was set to hit our area. Once I received them, they immediately went into my hurricane preparedness kit. Seriously, if we had lost power and water for a few days, these massive wipes would have definitely come in handy!


My son went to his very first camp out three weeks ago. It was a huge event and even included a visit from a Storm Trooper and Jedi. I’d say that was pretty epic for him because it was a new experience and the Star Wars characters made it just that much better. During the day, the kids took part in different activities like shooting BB guns at targets, using a bow and arrow, building with wood, and watching a bonfire. Let’s suffice it to say that my son and my husband were extremely worn out, sweaty, and exhausted at the end of the day. Lightweight, easy to keep in a backpack, and ease of use make Epic Wipes a camping must-have.



My husband is a contractor and works outside all day, every day. Which means he’s stinky and – even though I love him – he still gets really dirty by the time he comes home at night. It’s a no-go if we need to go out to dinner before he gets a shower. He now has a few of the Epic Wipes packs in his work van for when the Summer heat gets too much or if we need to meet somewhere for dinner. He can clean up with the wipes and throw on a fresh shirt and he’s ready to go. I’d say that these would be great for anyone who is working outside for a long period of time and doesn’t have immediate access to a shower.

Plus, he had to crawl underneath a house yesterday and said the Epic Wipes were a lifesaver for clean up.


Growing up in Florida, I’ve spent so much time at the beach. As a family, we love heading over to the beach for the day and having fun. From swimming in the ocean to building sandcastles, we do it all! That means spending the day in the sun, covered in sun screen and sand. That makes the drive home really uncomfortable. To make the drive home less irritating, we’ll be taking a few Epic Wipes with us and wipe down the kids before changing into after-beach clothes and heading home. Who am I kidding? I’ll take an Epic Wipe for myself, too. You would understand if you had to drive home covered in suntan lotion and sand. 😉

Blessing Bags

This may be my favorite idea, or at least the one that weighed heaviest on my heart. We have a large homeless population local to us and my children’s school is currently making ‘blessing bags’ filled with much needed items to donate to the homeless in the area. Items like shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and the like are being donated to fill the bags. I think that the Epic Wipes would be a thoughtful addition to any blessing bag or a supply given to a homeless shelter.

No matter how you decide to use Epic Wipes, I can tell you this – you will be forever changed. It really is a great idea to pack a few in your bag or purse, maybe even a few in your car, and definitely some in your emergency kit.

This is my 6’3″ husband with an opened Epic Wipe. See how big the wipe is is? Perfect for messy people!


About Epic Wipes

Our mission is simple: we want to make it easy for you to freshen up after doing the activities you love. Why use a stack of standard wipes when you can use just ONE of ours to get the job done? Epic Wipes are gentle enough for a s’more covered munchkin, yet strong enough for a mud-caked mountain biker. Whatever your Epic might be, we want to come along.

Made from Bamboo + other natural ingredients

  • 99.8% Water & Bamboo
  • 0.2% Chamomile, Calendula, Eucalyptus essential oil, Sugar-Based Surfactant, Food Grade Preservatives

Epic Wipes are extra large (massive!) disposable naturally scented wet wipes and are 31.5″ x 19.7″.

Visit Epic Wipes on their website and follow on Instagram.

How would you use Epic Wipes?

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  1. My husband uses an epic wipe after mowing the lawn on a hot summer day and feels fresh and clean and can get on with his day! Fantastic!