5 Hour Energy Review

5 Hour Energy Drink Review

How do you like your caffeine? Coffee? Soda? Energy Drink? I like all of the above! The popularity of energy drinks is hard to ignore. Despite warnings about over-using energy drinks, more and more people seem to be drinking them on a regular basis. I probably drink a couple every week. I heard mixed reviews about 5 Hour Energy Drink from people I know, but when the opportunity came up to try a couple of bottles I figured I would decide for myself.

5 Hour Energy Drink Review

I recived a couple of bottles from Smiley360, one pomegranate and one berry flavor and read the information about the ingredients. The instructions say not to exceed two bottles per day and that one bottle has about as much caffeine as a premium cup of coffee. I do wish they were more specific, as that can range from 50mg to over 100mg of caffeine. According to the Mayo Clinic you should keep your caffeine under 500mg per day so that is well within those limits.

I started the next day with half a bottle of the pomegranate flavor to see how I reacted. I didn’t notice a jolt of any kind, and the taste was pretty good. A couple of hours later I noticed I hadn’t taken a break or sat down since I took it. I finished the other half of the bottle after lunch and kept on going. Not a bad first day. A couple of days later I decided to drink the berry flavor and I finished the bottle first thing in the morning, rather than spacing it out a few hours. Honestly, I didn’t like the taste of the berry flavor. There was a slight kick and again, I didn’t sit down for a few hours. I was able to get a lot of my to-do list done!

I talked to some friends who said they didn’t like the taste of 5 Hour Energy. I’d say if that if you have only tried one flavor, try another flavor. I liked the taste of the pomegranate 5 Hour Energy. I’ve noticed that with other energy drinks that I have tried that different flavors make a huge difference. People have also complained about feeling flush right after drinking energy drinks. I didn’t experience this, but the makers of 5 Hour Energy drink state that this is from Niacin. This feeling doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is a natural response if your body is low in Niacin. I you are sensitive to caffeine you probably want to steer clear of energy drinks altogether. If you regularly drink caffeine, 5 Hour Energy is a great choice.

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Important Note:

  • 5-hour ENERGY® is not to be consumed before going to the club/bar
  • 5-hour ENERGY® is not recommended for use with alcohol
  • 5-hour ENERGY® is not for children

Visit the 5-hour ENERGY® website here for more information and read the FAQs here

For questions or comments regarding 5-hour ENERGY® products call 1-888-960-9495

Disclosure: I received 2 free bottles of 5 Hour Energy from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no compensation for this post.

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  1. I don’t like them…they all give me jitters and the taste is awful! My boyfriend, on the other hand, drinks a couple a day, and can’t live without them! I’d rather have my coffee!

  2. I guess I need to give the pomegranate a go…because the others I have tried tasted like cough medicine and were gag worthy…lol.. They kept me up because I felt awful…LOL.. but I am willing to give it a go because I have been dragging a lot lately, especially this time of the year.. 🙂