5 Make-Up Tips From The Professionals

Not everyone can have a make-up artist perfect their face using high-end cosmetics every morning; however, there are ways that you can make yourself into a runway model by using the right products. Applying your products using the correct technique is also important. Here are a few ways you can beautify your cosmetic routine.

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1. Get a Fresh Start – Washing your face every morning and every night has many benefits. Not only does it unclog pores that have been exposed to environmental pollutants, cosmetics and dirt, but it gives your face a clean and refreshed look. There is also evidence that sleeping with your cosmetics on can increase the signs of early aging, such as wrinkles and discoloration. Most importantly, it just feels better to begin the day with fresh and glowing skin.

• Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis to help clear away dead skin cells which can clog pores.
• Follow up your washing routine with a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer. Be sure to use one that compliments your skin type, and won’t clog your pores.
• Protect your skin from the sun by ensuring that your moisturizer has at least a 20 SPF. Don’t forget your neck when applying your moisturizing skin protectant.

2. Less is More – Apply only the products that you need on your face. While it can be fun to try different cosmetic products, your face will benefit from you using the least amount possible. You’ll look better as well.

• Avoid reapplying new blush and foundation over your old layers of product throughout the day.
• Amazing oil blotting papers come in handy, and can be used to gently blot away oil and residue from your face.

3. Avoid the Applicator – Try to avoid using the applicator that comes with your eye makeup compact. These hard to use applicators can cause hard lines, which tend to crease and smear within a few hours of application. Instead, use a fine bristled eyeshadow brush. You’ll find that your color goes on more smoothly, blends together well, and stays on longer. You can purchase an affordable brush assortment that contains all of the professional brushes you will need to apply your products.

4. Pick a Focal Point – Choose one facial characteristic that you want to accentuate, and make it pop. Dramatizing each facial feature can cause cosmetic overload.

Here are some examples:
• If you have big, gorgeous eyes with long eyelashes, play up your eyes and keep the rest of your face simple.
• Use liner, lipstick and gloss to create big pouty lips, but then keep your eyes and cheeks more neutral.
• Amazing cheekbones deserve some attention by using a spring peach or pink. Then use a shiny gloss lip and a neutral eye to go along with that look.

5. Look Perfect All Day – Many people wonder how professional cosmetologists make their cosmetics last all day. Even long lasting foundation seems to wear off mid-day. The secret is to mix a foundation primer in with your cream foundation. While many try applying primer before foundation, many professional artists blend the two together beforehand. If you have oily skin, apply your cream foundation with a damp sponge. This will ensure that the oil doesn’t clog your pores.

By using a few tricks from the professionals, you can look like a star every day. Have fun applying your cosmetics, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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  1. Great tips for make up use. My face is very sensitive to cosmetics so I don’t use them much. I even have to be careful what kind of mineral powders I use! I wish I could wear more.