5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

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5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Tis the season for holiday gatherings, including those last-minute get-togethers. That’s why I’m sharing my list of five must-have products that you will want to buy for the hostess of your next party. I know after you try these items you’ll want to stock some at home for yourself, too.

From scrumptious chocolates to bubbly Prosecco, and ice cream wrapped in a sweet dough to winter wonderland smelling items to decorate both your tree and your table I have your hostess gifts covered.

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

Cinzano Prosecco

I hosted a brunch this past weekend and popped open the Cinzano Prosecco so that we could have some fabulous drinks. My favorite recipe that we made using the Cinzano Prosecco is the Prosecco Bellini. I’m including the recipe below so you can try it yourself.

Prosecco Bellini

  • 3 parts Cinzano Prosecco
  • 1 part fresh peach purée
  • Pour all ingredients into a chilled flute glass. Stir gently.

It’s the perfect drink and the Prosecco is fruity and crisp – with apple and pear notes. I’m normally a red wine drinker, but the Cinzano Prosecco dry sparkling wine has me rethinking my preferences because it was easy to pair with my asparagus tart with goat cheese. I think the next meal I drink it with will be a grilled chicken and roasted red potatoes dish. My husband really liked the crispness of the Prosecco and is eager to try it paired with other meals.

Just think what your hostess would say if you gave her a bottle wrapped in a nice bag with some wine glasses!

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5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

FRAN’S Chocolates Salted Caramels

Do you know who originated the American Salted Caramel back in 1998? Fran! Fran created the chocolate covered caramel with salt on top and I will forever be grateful.

FRAN’S Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels are delicious with just the right amount of salt. It adds a complex note when paired with the silky chocolate and the soft caramel.

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

The Gray Salt Caramels were quickly my husband’s favorite as it is dipped in 70% dark chocolate and then finished with the sea salt. Although, it’s a tough choice I’d have to pick the Smoked Salt Caramels because they are dipped in a rich 39% deep milk chocolate and finished with Welsh smoked sea salt.

The Gray and Smoked Salt Caramels have enjoyed critical acclaim as some of the top artisanal confections in the US. Here’s where I mention again that my word, they melt in your mouth. I promise your hostess will thank you and invite you to the next party if you show up with FRAN’S Artisan Chocolate.

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5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

This is a fun treat for party guests or your hostess. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is unique in that is a premium ice cream that is wrapped in a sweet, pillowy soft dough. It’s a sweet treat for your taste buds.

The melt-in-your-mouth, chewy dough is called Mochi. The sweet rice dough is made from the best ingredients to make that beautifully doughy outer layer. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is a fusion of our favorite flavors of premium ice cream surrounded by the traditional sweet rice mochi dough giving everyone a fun way to experience ice cream.

If you’re taking these for a hostess gift, I suggest leaving My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream in the freezer until it’s time to go and letting the hostess know they should remain frozen until right before serving. I take mine out of the freezer about 5 minutes before dessert time and they’re perfect when it’s time to eat.

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

They make a great party treat because they are handheld and your guests won’t need a fork or spoon to eat My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. One less thing for you to have to worry about and it’s easy for the guests to pick one up and go. At home, it’s also easy for the family to just grab one and go it’s in one sweet tasting, snack-sized package.

The My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream comes in 8 flavors and is only 110 calories ber mochi ball. It is made from the best ingredients, is gluten-free, and rBST free. In addition to the ice cream wrapped in mochi dough, they also offer ice cream pints filled with bits of mochi dough. I’m trying the pints next, but my family is hooked on the mochi balls right now.

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5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

ScentSicles Scented Ornaments and Scented Table Ornaments

It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas at my house!

Did you know that more than $385 million is spent on artificial trees annually? I know, right? Those of us with artificial trees now have a way to enjoy the fresh holiday scents that evoke Christmas memories all without leaving a mess behind. With ScentSicles Scented Ornaments in Spiced Pinecones scent hanging from my (faux) tree, we’ve brought the outdoors inside for the season.

The ScentSicles Scented Ornaments are designed to blend in with holiday decor, like hanging in trees, on wreaths, or on garland to add the fresh scents of the holidays. Each bottle comes with six scented ornaments and swirl hooks so you can hang wherever you want.

ScentSicles Table Ornaments in White Winter Fir has a bright, fresh-cut Douglas fir scent and will make the ultimate housewarming gift! I like that it comes in a festive jar with a silver lid that is filled with scented paper filler. No oils, but all the warmth and fragrance of the holidays. It’s a safe way to infuse the home without the worry of candles or flames.

In addition to the scented ornaments and table ornaments, ScentSicles are also available in sprigs. They are made of natural fibers sourced from sustainable resources and infused with pure fragrance. While the Spiced Pine Cones scent is new for the season, other holiday scents available now include O Christmas Tree, Snow Berry Wreath, Two Dashes of Cinnamon, and White Winter Fir.

5 Thoughtful Hostess Gifts for Last Minute Parties #EDCRepeatBboxx

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Bring the holiday cheer with these hostess gifts!

Whether you are the hostess or you’re joining someone else’s party be sure to grab these wonderful gifts. I’ll be adding these items in my hostess gift stash for those last minute get-togethers.

Which one would you want someone to bring for your party?

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