An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom: Change Your Perception of Money by Michael Warren Munsey

an average joes pursuit

An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom: Change Your Perception of Money by Michael Warren Munsey

An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom offers a different perspective on money than what is traditionally taught by our parents and in our school systems. The reason there is such a discrepancy between the wealthy and the poor is due to the difference in the way money is perceived. We are not born with the ability to maintain wealth: it is something that is learned. The knowledge of knowing how to make money work to generate passive income is something that anyone can learn as long as they are disciplined. An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom is based on practical concepts and discusses the problems that the majority of us face with our personal finance. The concepts in this book are based on theory by an author that practice what he writes about.

My Review

A financial book from someone has decided to create passive income to allow his family to become financially free.

Michael Warren Munsey breaks down the “rules” that we’ve read in so many other books for gaining financial freedom. He writes from his own point of view and shares what he’s learned by putting some of the rules into practice and what has worked versus what he’s still working on.

I like the fact that the book doesn’t start with the fact that he’s already where he wants to be in relation to the financial freedom journey. He walks us through which books he’s read, what he has gleaned from those books, and how he is putting the knowledge to work for his family.

If you are looking for a book written from an “Average Joe’s” point of view, as someone finding their way along this financial path, take a look at Mr. Munsey’s book. It’s a quick and easy read, with some interactive worksheets along the way.

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About the Author

michael warren munsey

Michael Munsey works in the oil industry and resides in Houston, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree from Murray State University in May of 1995. While working to climb the corporate ladder within Halliburton Energy Services, Michael enrolled in the EMBA program at Rice University in 2005. After earning his MBA, he had a major change in the way he perceives money which he is sharing in this book.

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