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I’ve been waiting for the release of Blessed Fate since I finished reading Blessed Tragedy by HB Heinzer. I’m not a patient person by nature, just ask my husband. 😉

If you haven’t read Blessed Tragedy, I highly recommend reading it. I cannot wait for the follow up to be released on 6/18! Blessed Tragedy is written from Rain’s point of view and Colton ‘s reasons for doing some of the things that he did weren’t always clear; sometimes he really upset me. That’s how emotional the rollercoaster of Blessed Tragedy was. Luckily, the follow up book, Blessed Fate, is written from Colton’s point of view, so that maybe we can glean some insight into the the way that he acts.

Blessed Fate Blurb:

Colton Bradford never believed in love at first sight. And then, Rain Maxwell walked through his buddy’s front door. He knew there was something special underneath the shy, guarded exterior and was determined to find out what it was.The problem? Rain had devised her own set of life rules and “Never get involved with a band mate” was right near the top of that list. She allowed Colton into her heart as one of her closest friends, but pushed him away at the mention of anything more.

When tragedy strikes Rain’s personal life, Colton is determined to be there for her in whatever way she’ll allow. Will she finally open up to him and consider taking things to the next level? Will Colton’s ways of trying to bury his feelings for Rain in the past ruin the possibility of a future for them?

Release Date: 6/18/2013

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