Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review & Giveaway (4/19 – 4/25)

Donna’sDealsandMore wrote a great review for an online recipe organizer that I thought you might be interested in reading! One reader will also get the chance to win one too! 

The Cook’n Recipe Organizer is one of the greatest creations! I love to cook. It doesn’t matter if it is just for my husband and I or a huge group of people. I have some “go to” recipes that I’ve saved on my computer or I’ve written down. I also have several online accounts with different food and recipe sites and have recipe boxes on each of those sites. I really like to try new and different things. I will admit it gets a little frustrating if I think a certain recipe is saved and it’s not or I can’t remember where I saved it. Now I have found an easy way to save all my recipes! It’s called the Cook’n Recipe Organizer.
What is the Cook’n Recipe Organizer? It’s the easiest way to find and organize recipes plus so much more.


All you have to do is type in what it is you would like to cook or bake and search just like you would on Google.


It even shows the main ingredients without having to click on the actual recipe.


My favorite feature is the “capture” button! All you have to do is hit capture and it grabs the whole recipe!


Then you just click “save” and it adds it to your list of recipes!

You are also able to add your own recipes manually. They even start you out with a recipe book!

Here are some other amazing features:
  • You can publish your own cookbook
  • Make menu plans
  • Make an automatic grocery list (organize it by aisle and convert pkg sizes)
  • Calculate your grocery cost
  • Analyze nutrition and help you choose which brands are healthier
  • Include nutritional info on recipe and cookbook printouts
  • Share your recipes (print or email to friends)
  • Export recipes to your website or blog
  • Sync it to your iPad, iPhone, or Droid!
This is a great tool for anyone! And a great gift idea for Mother’s Day 😉
And one of you lucky readers will be winning your own copy (that’s an $80 value!) They have also been generous enough to offer all of our readers a 50% discount! Just use {mb-donna} at checkout!

*This review was done by Donna’sDealsAndMore
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