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Tech Toy from Best Buy

My kids have a new obsession! I’ll tell you a secret – it’s the Dash Tech Toy from Best Buy. My son has always loved video games and RC vehicles, whereas my daughter loves learning on computers. Dash takes the best of both worlds and makes it easy for my kids to program the tech toy and make him do as they please. Want him to belch? Yeah, he can. Rev like a car engine? Yep, he does that, too! He whistles, says hi, and can stroll about seeming to look at everything.

We use the Wonder App on my phone and the Blockly App on my son’s Kindle Fire to control Dash. In just a few weeks, my kids have learned how to make Dash do all sorts of fun things and I cannot wait to see what else they can come up with. At only ages 6 and 8, it amazes me that they can program Dash to do all these things. We didn’t have all this technology when I was their age and it is awesome to see their minds grow and expand as they learn new ways to program him.

Dash can be programmed to race, follow voice commands, sing, dance, and navigate objects! It’s like the ultimate pet, but is also educational. Pretty impressive if you ask me (or the kids!). The kids are increasing their knowledge of Dash’s programming, and building their self confidence at the same time. It makes them feel good when they can use the apps to program Dash and watch as he does what they’ve programmed. A toy that can build self confidence and is educational should be something we use on a daily basis.



If someone asks what my favorite feature of Dash is, I would have to say ease of use. It’s easy to get started straight out of the box and link with apps via phone or tablet. It’s easy for my six and eight year olds to program and it’s even easy for me to program. I can see how this could be used in homeschooling, as well as in traditional schools. If you have someone in your home that is interested in tech toys, this is a must have.

What comes in the box?

1 Dash

1 Charging Cord

2 Building Brick Connectors

Getting Started Guide

Learn more now on BestBuy.

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