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Have you been reading about my Disney PLANES event experiences? The recording studio was one of my favorite moments. While we were in California, visiting the DisneyToon Studios, we got the chance to do a voice over. We actually got to meet and work with the Casting Director, Jason Hinkle. We each received our script and he told us where to pause and what clues to listen for so that our timing was perfect. I honestly didn’t realize how much work goes into the recording process.

Jason explained that the first step in the movie process is a table read with the first cast. The casting director wants to make sure that sound and texture of the voices is what is needed for the character in the film. The writer and the directer work together to get the character break down and cast ideas. The actors either audition or they pull an audio reference from the actor’s work. The casting director wants to hear how the voices sound together and they record at DisneyToon Studios, as well as all around the country.

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Disney’s PLANES Recording Studio Experience

After speaking with Jason Hinkle and the sound engineer, George Thompson, it was time to actually do some work. We were working on a voice over for Dottie, Teri Hatcher’s character in Disney’s PLANES movie. We were trying to match our voice with the already completed animation.

Actually, for being apprehensive and deciding to go first I had fun. I went into the sound booth with George and he explained that there would be prompts on the video screen in front of me, as well as sound prompts in my headphones. Easy peasy, right? Not quite..I had to be sure to listen and watch so that I started talking at just the right moment. Also, making sure that I put emphasis on the words at the right moment. I went through the script once and Jason gave me some feedback, then tried if for a second time. I got it on the second recording and you can see my final result in the video below.

My moments in the sound booth. You can see when I’m looking at the prompts, as well as when I’m acknowledging the feedback I’ve received from Jason.

My big debut as Dottie. You think they’ll call be back for another movie? 😉

Disney’s PLANES comes to theaters August 9th.

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