Downtown Disney Fun in Orlando #WGLakesWeekend #DowntownDisney

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Downtown Disney Fun in Orlando

Living in Central Florida, we’ve been to Downtown Disney our fair share of times. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to make it down there very much over the past few years. Which made this experience even better because the kids had only been once before and they were up for trying something new.

Were you following along while we hung out at Downtown Disney a couple weeks ago? If not, here are some awesome pictures from our little adventure.

The first place we just HAD to visit according to my 5 year old, was the LEGO store. We wandered around and looked at all the different LEGO sets. Did you know they have a whole wall of LEGOs separated by color? Pick up a cup, fill it with whatever LEGOs you want and then pay for them.  Check out some of my kids’ favorite sets.

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After wandering around and checking out all the great LEGO sets, we went just outside the back of the store and let my son build a LEGO race car – then he got to actually race against other people. In his first race he came in FIRST! He was so excited and to celebrate we went and grabbed him a Race Car set and Monster Truck set.

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After all the fun and excitement of racing cars, my four year old daughter and I went into The World of Disney to try on some princess crowns and princess jewelry. She came out of the store with a brand new Tinkerbell music box. She now uses it to hold her treasures on her dresser.

There are so many great shops and restaurants that we kept busy for four hours just wandering in and out of the different places. While my daughter’s favorite places were anything having to do with princesses or fairies, my son was on the look out for anything LEGO, CARS, CARS2, or PLANES. Luckily, there was a little bit of everything for everyone.

Not to mention the desserts. We ate dinner at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa before heading over to Downtown Disney, but we definitely saved room for Ghirardelli Cable Car Sundae. Of course, split four ways. 😉

Downtown Disney Giardelli Ice Cream

Live mannequins – yes, that is an actual person in the red! They were standing in front of Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney. Further in, we came across the dancer and music at Raglan Road. Then we saw the T-Rex at the T-Rex restaurant.

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My son wanted to climb on the Harley bike in the Harley-Davidson store so I was able to get this awesome picture. He was so thrilled to be sitting on it!

Downtown Disney Harley

What do you do when the kids are up two hours after their normal bedtime and are getting worn out? You get a couple light up things and find an ICEE machine while you wait for your ride.  We picked up these cute light up “spinners” so the kids would be distracted from being tired, then we found our way to Splitsville and grabbed an seat on their patio.

downtown disney spinners Collage

Splitsville has it figured out. In between their adult frozen beverage machines, they have two actual non-alcholic ICEE machines. Which means Mommy got a Pina Colada and the kids each had an ICEE while we listened to a little live music. Plus, up on the wall, they were showing NASCAR races so the kids were watching that while my hubby and I were listening to the music. Fun, Fun!! What a way to end the night.

downtown disney splitsville Collage

Oh! I almost forgot one of my favorite pictures from the night. We were walking around and there are some places under construction and I just happened to look up and saw Tinkerbell on top of the roof but what was really neat was the fact that I was able to get the moon in the same shot. I think it looks cool.

downtown disney tink and moon

Downtown Disney is only a 10 – 15 minute drive from Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Downtown Disney makes a great date night, but it also makes for a great family night too. There is just so much fun to be had and we didn’t even see all of it in the four hours we were there.

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Disclosure: I attended a press trip at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa at no cost to myself. I was provided a gift card to Downtown Disney in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are completely my own.

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