Three Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test

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Three Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test

As if preparing for your practical driving test wasn’t nerve-wracking and stressful enough, you’ll also need to get past the theory test before you can eventually get on the road. The driving theory test is a computer-based test where you’ll be given a series of multiple choice questions regarding the theory of driving and the rules of the road, along with some video clips to watch in the hazard perception part of the test. There is a wide range of preparation material available for the theory test, and it’s quite easy to pass it first time if you put in the work beforehand. Here’s some top tips on what to do to help you best prepare to pass your driving theory.

Photo by Automotive Rhythms
Photo by Automotive Rhythms

Mock Tests

Whether you use the CD ROM, a theory test book, a smartphone or tablet app or even a free driving theory test available online, practicing mock tests is a great way to prepare yourself for passing your driving theory. Mock tests allow you to see how well you are doing, and whether you would have passed or failed if you were taking the real thing. Practicing mock tests gives you a general idea of how the actual test will go, help you know what to expect and measure your progress.

Practice Hazard Spotting

The hazard perception part of the test contributes a fair amount to your final mark, so if you’ve not had much driving practice lately or if you’re planning to take the theory test before you begin driving lessons, it’s a good idea to brush up on your hazard perception skills. One great way to do this is to go for a drive (as a passenger) with a friend or relative and keep a sharp lookout for any hazards whilst you’re on the road to help you get into the habit of being alert. Or, taking a few driving lessons yourself before taking the theory test could help you to practice looking out for hazards. Remember that you don’t need to have passed the theory test to actually learn to drive.

Tips for On the Day

On the day that you are to take your driving test, making sure that you are prepared is essential. Arrive at the test centre in plenty of time in order to have your ID documents checked and use the practice time provided without being stressed. Once you’re in the test room, you’ll have an allocated fifteen minutes of time to get used to the computer that you’re using and settle by answering some test questions. Once you’ve passed these and are onto the actual test, remember that there is always the option to flag tricky questions and come back to them later. Rather than panic on a question that you’re unsure of, simply flag it and come back when you’ve answered the others. Don’t forget to use the headphones provided so that you can hear the instructions for the hazard perception part.

Taking your theory test doesn’t have to be scary!

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