Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Fan Heater $149.99 Shipped

Dyson AM04 Hot + Cool Fan Heater

$149.99 for a Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater (Refurbished) ($399.99 List Price). Multiple Styles. Free Shipping.

Wanting to eliminate the “unpleasant buffeting” airflow of traditional fans, engineer James Dyson came up with a solution that nixed what was seemingly the fan’s most basic component: the blades. Where one would expect to find fan blades on Dyson’s Hot + Cool fan heater, an oval void seemingly conjures a steady breeze from nowhere with little more than a soft hum. As it turns out, the clever contraption does have a fan in it—a motor hidden in the base which forces air through the fan heater’s airfoil-shaped inner surface to create a steady gust of wind. Also hidden inside is a ceramic heating plate that warms air as it flows through, transforming it from a fan into a space heater. A built-in thermostat, meanwhile, regulates airflow in both cooling and heating mode, helping stabilize room temperatures anywhere between 32° and 99° Fahrenheit.


  • Iron-blue or white-silver

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