Fall Treasure Hunting with my 4 Year Old






It was a beautiful morning here in Florida, so I decided we should go “treasure hunting” today.  You may remember that my son LOVES to go to the garage sales and look for treasures, i.e. hot wheels cars.

There were so many garage sales today that we didn’t have time to stop at all of them, but we found some pretty awesome deals. Our haul today consisted of a Dirt Devil toy vacuum, a Weebles playground, a brand new, unopened box of 2 Hot Wheels race tracks, a Dora Colorforms set, a Home Depot NASCAR sign, 2 brand new Halloween costumes, a toy DJ from the movie CARS, a RC vehicle and various Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars.

Whew! I left with $20 in my pocket this morning and came home with change! I’d say this was a great start to our Fall treasure hunting. We only went a few times during the Summer because it was just so darned hot and no one was really selling anything good. I’m thinking now that it’s getting cooler, more people will be having garage sales.

What was the best “find” you ever got at a garage sale?

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