List of 25 Pokemon Go PokeStops in Mount Dora, Florida


Pokemon Go

Have you been hiding under a rock? Maybe with a Pokemon or two? My kids are obsessed with the new game, as am I. We even dragged my husband with us this morning to see if we could grab some Pokeballs and Pokemon. Loaded up with drinks to keep us cool, we took to the streets of Mount Dora, Florida.

Armed with a phone and battery back up we walked the streets and parks in Mount Dora until we found PokeStops and new Pokemon. Two miles and a couple hours and this is what we found. *This is NOT a complete list of PokeStops in Mt. Dora, but it’s a great starting point if you’re looking for PokeBalls, Razz Berry, Revive, Potion, and Super Potion.

PokeStops in Downtown Mount Dora {From 5th & Donnelly towards Elizabeth Evans Park}

  • Dora Liberty {Small replica Statue of Liberty}
  • Real Estate Wall Mural {side of Atkins Realty}
  • Curved Bookshelf Storefront
  • Barrel of Books {had Lures activated when we went by}
  • Shamrock Building
  • Arbors & Eyebrows Central Fountain
  • “Imagine” John Lennon {Sunset Park area}
  • Sunset Park {had Lures activated when we went by}
  • Elizabeth Evans Park
  • Merrill’s Cafe
  • Bob Braugrand Memorial Bench
  • Synergy Fountain
  • Mount Dora Lawn Bowling
  • Holly Trees Dedication {next to MD Lawn Bowling}
  • Grace Lee Vincent Park Bench
  • International Children’s Christmas Tree
  • Lighthouse
  • Simpson Cove Docks
  • Owen Husleman Planter Dedication
  • Cash Sculpture
  • First United Methodist Enrichment Center
  • Palm Island Park
  • Creep’s Pavillion 2 {on boardwalk over lake}
  • Gilbert Park Playground
  • Gilbert Park Pavillion

Also in Mount Dora Area

  • Southern Technical College
  • VFW
  • Sylvan Shores Park {on Lake Gertrude}
  • Mount Dora Post Office
  • W.T. Bland Library
  • A.W. Peterson’s Gun Shop

Like I said, this isn’t a complete list, just some that we found this morning. Also, keep in mind that the PokeStops reset every 5 minutes so you can walk one way and turn around and visit the PokeStop on your way back to get more items. Plus, I got a tip from an employee at one of the restaurants near Atkins Realty that some of the PokeStops reset even quicker.


Some of the Pokemon we found this morning on our walk

The kids caught Metapod, Abra, three Nidoran, Bellsprout, Venonat, five Eevee, Zubat, Clefairy, two Weedle, two Spearow, Psyduck, Krabby, and Paras. We ended up walking 2 miles and seeing an alligator, birds, and tons of butterflies. See, you can pay attention to things around you while hunting for Pokemon. We may even be able to last longer if it was just about 15 degrees cooler with a breeze.

Do you have any PokeStops that you’ve found in your Pokehunt? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list. Also, watch for upcoming posts for PokeStops in Eustis and Tavares. Happy Hunting!

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