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Finding Dory World Premiere El Capitan

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The wait is finally over! FINDING DORY is in theatres everywhere!!

I had the chance to screen Finding Dory when I was in L.A. last week, and I just have to tell you that it was spectacular. It’s everything that we’ve waited for and then some. I loved it and my kids are going to love it.

Oh, and you do not want to be late to the film because the short film, Piper, precedes the film and it is absolutely stunning. It’s a short, but there are so many feels throughout that I think it will become a new family fave.

Check out this clip of Piper

My Spoiler-Free Review

I’m sitting in the front row of this incredible theatre, surrounded by my fellow bloggers and actors, actresses, and film creators. If that’s not overwhelming in and of itself, watching Finding Dory is adds to the emotional quotient. Our favorite characters from Finding Nemo are back in action thirteen years later. Okay, so Finding Dory takes place one year after Finding Nemo ends, but I’ve been waiting for this sequel for THIRTEEN years! I know I’m not the only one and I can tell you that it was so worth the wait.

This incredible cast includes Ellen DeGeneres (“Dory”), Ed O’Neill (“Hank”), Hayden Rolence (“Nemo”), Albert Brooks (“Marlin”), Kaitlin Olson (“Destiny”),  Ty Burrell (“Bailey”), and Eugene Levy (“Charlie”). I have to tell you that my heart was taken the moment I heard “little Dory” speak. She is so meek and sweet, everything that you expect of Dory when she was a child. We get Dory’s story and her struggles, see her friends from Finding Nemo, and meet some pretty awesome new friends.

Disney-Pixar has created a sequel that can stand alone in its greatness. There is beautiful imagery in the animation, the water alone is pretty incredible to see on the big screen. I cannot imagine how much work went into creating the ocean. Such a great story line, interesting and quirky characters, with a message that stands the test of time. Everyone is unique, everyone’s abilities are different and should be celebrated.

Finding Dory is a must see for any age and is perfect for the whole family. I cannot wait to take my family to the theaters to see it. They are already attached to the stuffed animals and they are chomping at the bit to see the movie.

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