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moon sand collage

The weather wasn’t cooperating with me yesterday, so I tried to find something for the kids to do inside. I found a recipe that I had “pinned” on Pinterest about Moon Sand. I clicked on the picture, only to find it was just that, a picture. Luckily, the instructions were on the “pin” itself. Be warned, this recipe is MESSY, but oh so much fun for the kids!

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Moon Sand Recipe
8 cups of flour
1 cup of baby oil
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I figured I could do this! Yep, I went to the pantry, but I realized I didn’t have 8 cups of flour. No problem, 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup baby oil later….I have Moon Sand AND two happy kids.  The Moon Sand felt like really soft sand, the kids liked squishing it in their hands and pouring it back and forth into the different containers.

moon sand 3 edited
I used two disposable Tupperware containers.
moon sand 4 edited
And two kid size, plastic cups.
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 They had fun for a little over an hour.
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It was messy, but that’s why I have a vacuum. They had so much fun that we will definitely be bringing out this recipe again for play time.

Afraid of making the mess in the house? No worries, take it outside on the driveway or a picnic bench. 😉 Have fun and enjoy. You can also use this for a sensory bin and add small toys for the kids to find and locate.

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  1. great idea and it looks from the pictures they are having a blast , and that is what its all about, letting the little ones explore and have a great time growing and learning ; )

  2. I used to play with something like this when I was little. Now I can make my own to play with all my little cousins

  3. That looks really cool and I’ll have to try that some time with the kids I babysit. My cousin might not be happy with the mess, I’ll just have to clean up before I leave. I used to play with something called “moon sand ” as a kid and I would play with it for hours upon hours!! I just remember how good it felt and how I liked the squishiness, so I can’t wait to pass it on to my cousin’s kids!!

  4. I will be pinning this! My daughter used to have a sand table (without legs) that we stored under her bed. She kept her moon sand in there and its so easy to just vacuum up anything that spilled out. It is a really good fine motor and sensory item. Thanks for the “recipe” 🙂

    1. Cristine,

      The mess really wasn’t that bad. 😉 We did clean it up immediately though, just to make sure all the sand was gone.

  5. I’d love to try to make this. I wonder if you can add color to it somehow without messing up the consistency or texture?!

    1. I never thought of that, Jenni! It might be worth trying on a small amount just to see. I’m not sure you could do it without changing the texture though.

    1. Shauna,

      The mess only lasts for a little while, then the vacuum takes care of it! They loved it and had so much fun that the mess was worth it.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. Your kiddos are so cute! I really like this idea. My son is so into squishing things right now. He’d love this!

  7. I don’t have kids or grandkids, but I babysit once in a while for the girl across the street and now I have something new to try with her little boys, they’re 4 & 5 so I think they’ll have a blast!! Thanks

  8. Doing things like this can really be a life saver sometimes! People without kids dont’ understand how great something is if it keeps the kids occupied for an HOUR!!!

  9. I never knew you could make your own Moon Sand! Will definitely give this a try. My kids loving playing with it, but it’s expensive & most of it gets vacuumed up eventually. My kids love when I make them things like this. They thought homemade playdough was the bees knees, lol.

  10. \I have my grandson this weekend so I’m glad I found this. We are going to have some moon sand fun!

  11. I would lay down plastic before using this, so that the oil wouldn’t get into carpeting or fabrics. If you have a hard floor no worries! Thanks for posting!!

  12. I LOVE this recipe! I made it for my nieces and nephews for their “Christmas Craft Box” – it was fun for the kids and smelled SO good!

  13. Never have heard of moon sand before, but it looks like the kids liked playing with it. I wonder if you can add some food coloring to make it pretty too.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I’ve found many recipes for play-doh on the net but haven’t done any yet. My little one leaves play-doh out and it dries so I’ve been letting her play with moon-dough instead. I think I’ll try the moon sand recipe outside because it looks to be a bit messy.

  15. That looks so cool! After I get over the thought of the mess, I will have to try that with the kids lol 🙂

    Pinning this too!!