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I’m horrible at taking the pictures off of my phone. I’ll post them on Facebook after I get the shot, but then forget to actually download them to my computer. Honestly, there are pictures of my kids right after they were born on my phone right now (they are 3 and 4). I know!

Well, now there’s a service that will help me. It’s called Groovebook and every month they will put 100 of your pictures from your phone into this great little book and mail it to you. I got mine in the mail the other day and it’s awesome. Now, instead of scrolling through my phone to find that picture I took of the kids a couple of months ago, I actually have the picture. The pictures come to you in this cute little book with perferated edges so that you can take them out if you want.

What’s great about Groovebook is that they will send me a new book every month and only charge me $2.99 for shipping. The book itself doesn’t cost a thing! You do know how much I love free. Books will be received about 14 days after you upload them into the app.

Here are some pictures that were in my first Groovebook


Want to try Groovebook free with no shipping?

Use my special coupon code FAMILYLOVEGROOVE when ordering your first book so you’ll get it absolutely free!

I’m so glad I signed up for this because now I don’t have to stress about downloading the pictures to my computer unless I want to and I’ll have a copy for myself. The program itself is very easy to use. I installed the Groovebook app on my Android phone, but it’s also available for iPhone users. Then I uploaded the 100 pictures I wanted in my first book and it came in the mail. Easy peasy.

Visit Groovebook and get started decluttering your phone of pictures you don’t remember taking. 😉

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