Hasbro FurReal Friends Snuggimals Portuguese Water Dog Review

FurReal Friends Snuggimals

We received our Hasbro FurReal Friends Snuggimals Portuguese Water Dog to review and my daughter fell in love. To be honest, she was a little scared of it at first because it moves, but she is totally in love now.

The Snuggimals are just the right size for her, she can hold it in her hand. There is a button on the puppy’s back that she can push so that the puppy will wag it’s tail and move it’s head up and down. She has tea parties with the puppy and takes it to Grandma’s house to visit. She is almost 3 years old and she carries it with her everywhere.

Read a little more about the Snuggimals Portuguese Water Dog:

Your adorable Portuguese Water Dog puppy figure needs lots of attention — and loves to “snuggle” more than anything!

 Cuddle up close with this furry little friend and pet his tummy. When you do, your new puppy pal will move his head and tail, just to show you he’s ready for   more snuggling!

FurReal Friends Snuggimals
The Snuggimals are soft and furry, which makes it easy to hold and play with. This is a perfect gift for a small child, even my son is enamored with the puppy and says how cute it is. I would definitely recommend the FurReal Friends Snuggimals if you are looking for a unique present for your child.

 Disclosure: I received the item for review purposes only. All opinions are completely my own.

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  1. wow this is so cool, my little girl would love this so much, thanks for the great review, i love this

  2. this is so cute, however, i dont think port water dogs come in brown, not sure, but most are black or black w/ white markings like bo….would love to have a min. schnauzer though to see if my 3 little 4 legged girls would do w/ it…..

  3. This dog is so cute! I can’t wait to go buy one. I’m pretty sure my 9 year old daughter will even love it!