Holistic Fitness Power Cleanse and Fat Burning Lemonade $39.99 Shipped

Holistic Fitness Power Cleanse

Holistic Fitness Power Cleanse

$39.99 for a Holistic Fitness 4-Day All-in-One Cleanse and Fat-Burning Lemonade ($199.95 List Price). Free Shipping.

A nourishing blend of more than 50 synergistic herbs and vitamins works to help return bodies to healthy homeostasis. The four-day supply of powder can be blended with shakes, soup, or juice. Included with each cleanse is a fat-burning drink mix and a copy of fitness and nutrition guru Gregory Joujon-Roche’s e-book Holistify Your Life, an html page-turner with advice on more effective exercise and nutrition practices. In addition, a lifetime membership to the Premier Buyers Club includes a discount and free shipping on all future fat-burning lemonade purchases.

The Deal

$39.99 for a 4-day Holistic Fitness All-in-One Power Cleanse ($199.95 list price), which includes:

  • Four-day supply of All-in-One Power Cleanse Powder, which can be mixed into healthy soups, shakes, or juices
  • 30-day supply of Holistic Fitness fat-burning lemonade
  • Holistify Your Life e-book by Gregory Joujon-Roche
  • Premier Buyers Club Membership

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