Enter to WIN Signed Copies of Letters from Your Future! 6 Winners!

Enter to WIN Signed Copes of Letters from Your Future.

Letters from Your Future 

Our lives are changing.  Indeed they are always changing that is because we are always growing and in this respect the words growth and change are synonymous.  However something is happening now in which we are changing in a different way, another way.  We are changing energetically.  The planet we live on is changing energetically. And because of these energetic shifts new avenues of growth and awareness are now being given to us.

This book will help you to understand what is happening as we make our way through this energetic growth period.  Growth is not always easy and sometimes it comes in the form of illuminating circumstances and sometimes it comes in the form of tragic events that touch our lives.  Both offer benefits to the soul for expansion. 

Inside this book are instructional letters for Humanity, whispered into my consciousness. The Letters explain why certain events happen in our lives and on our planet. The book goes on to explain why some are here on earth at this time, but some of our loved ones may have moved on and are now gone. The Letters describe how life really works from their perspective in the spiritual realm and how one can use these instructions to rebuild their lives and their planet. The book talks of a unending love from our Creator and a unparalleled unity created out of love for one another. The Letters beautifully describe how to create our Heaven on Earth. 

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About the author

Brett L. Bowden is a metaphysician and spiritual channel for Divine wisdom. He works primarily through his guide Jaipur.  He was contacted in 2007 by his Spirit Guides and given valuable information to pass onto  the larger portion of Humanity.  The information given pertain to a rebuilding of the planet through the rebuilding of the person.


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  1. I’d like to know more about the parts of life I haven’t experienced yet. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Your book has really sparked my interest.