*OVER*Madame Deals TV Dinner $15 Amazon Gift Card Flash Giveaway 6/18

Ready for a FUN Flash Giveaway? 

 How about 4 Fun Flash Giveaways where you can enter to WIN $15 Amazon per giveaway??


Pretty awesome right? 

All you need to do is comment on the Blog Frog Community below…you can comment 1x for each Flash Giveaway! 

Then tune into: America’s Got Talent:Tuesday, June 12, from 9-10pm ET Tuesday, June 18, from 9-10pm ET 
So You Think You Can DanceWednesday, June 13, from 8-10pm ET Wednesday, June 20, from 8-10pm ET And join us on your iPad on TV Dinner!

There will be a 24 hour $15 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway for each of the following days: 
Tuesday, June 12 *Over*
Wednesday, June 13 *Over*
Tuesday, June 18 
Wednesday, June 20.  

Good luck and Enjoy the show!!  


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