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Disclosure: Product received from Magic Desktop in exchange for honest review. All opinions are completely my own.


Magic Desktop has changed the way we computer in this house. My kids can now open the Magic Desktop icon on our homepage and be taken to a safe world of games and educational fun. I share my laptop with the kids, and a great perk of this program is that I no longer worry about files being downloaded onto my computer, data being erased, or the kids accidentally going to a non-approved website.

Magic Desktop creates a safe environment, provides children with educational content and delivers tons of fun while they are mastering a computer.

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I’m still with them when they are on the computer, but I worry less and they are enjoying the fun of games they know, as well as new games and learning opportunities. My daughter’s favorite is the Easy Paint, whereas my son likes the Rainbow with its fun photo effects. The kids can still access the web via My First Browser. It’s a child-safe web browser that lets me decide which websites are appropriate for my children.

I have complete control over what content is available for my children on Magic Desktop and I have to say that I absolutely love it. The kids can watch their favorite shows (like Dora) and play educational games. The great thing about the Magic Desktop is that the kids feel like they have their own computer. Once you open the desktop, all of my things disappear and all you see is a desktop just for the kids. It’s their own little world and they love it.

It’s easy to use and makes it safer for my children to be online. I’d say that’s a win-win for me and my kids.


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