My Son, The Human Alarm Clock and Other Reasons I’m Not a Morning Person

I’m awake. Why? I’ve been up for two hours already and at this moment I’m no longer a morning person. At one point in my life, I was a get up at the crack of dawn, go to work and be happy person. That person is long gone or she’s shoved in the back of my mind somewhere. Whichever is fine with me. I’d like to not see her for a while. Now, I’m more of a stay up late and spend time with the hubby after the kids go to bed person. Of course, my son had other plans this morning as he jumped into my bed at 5 am and proceeded to kick his feet until the covers were no longer on top of him. Oh, the joys of parenthood. Anyone with me on this one?Did I mention he went back to sleep? Yep. 

So back to not being a morning person. I’ve been able to get a few things crossed off my to-do list for the day already and that makes me a happy girl. Coffee would make me happy too, unfortunately I ran out the other day and haven’t made it back to the store for more. Ugh. Maybe that’s where this headache is coming from. I digress. 

This is my morning ramble. I don’t do it often, but thanks for listening. Have a great day!

*I’m off to find coffee*

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