5 Ideas to Make Life Better in the New Year

5 Ways to Make Your Life Better in the New Year(1)

We’ve all been there. It’s almost midnight on New Year’s Eve and someone asks what your resolutions are going to be for the new year. You stand there like a deer in headlights and try to decide if you’re going to tell the truth or come up with a resolution on the fly.

I can’t say that I’ve actually made any resolutions within the past few years. It used to be: oh, we’re going to be better about budgeting or losing weight. Then there were a few times that our resolutions included buying a house or finding a better job. This year there are no resolutions, but there are rules to improve my life.

  1. Spend more time being present. Look others in the face while they are talking and use active listening, instead of passive. Be engaged in the moment.
  2. Be positive! I’m going to try not to let negative thoughts into my head and try to remain positive.
  3. Get outside. I have severe asthma and it isn’t easily controlled so I spend a lot of time inside. I think this is where I need to venture outside the house and get active.
  4. Give more hugs and kisses. I love hugs and this will not be a hardship in the least. 😉
  5. Vary my menu plan. We’ve got a good menu plan going, but it becomes boring having the same thing month after month. I’ll sit down and actually diversify my menu plan so that we’re trying new foods and staying healthy.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What are you going to do to improve your life in 2016? I’d love to hear from you.

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