ODEHYA Jewelry for Today’s Expression Review and IndieGogo Campaign

Disclosure: Product received from sponsor in exchange for honest review. All opinions are completely my own.

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ODEHYA Jewelry for Today’s Expression

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When ODEHYA owner, Rahel Tennenbaum reached out to me for a review all I had to do was look at her products and know that it was definitely my style and her pieces fit my personality. A few of the things I learned about ODEHYA is that they want to bring original, unique, affordable jewelry with a spiritual message to conscious women who want to express their inner strength and creativity while looking great.

Rahel has created her Jewelry line as an evolution of her ODEHYA art business, after many requests.

  • The jewelry is made from a unique transparent glass, marble or Jerusalem stone
  • The transparency of the glass jewelry creates a different appearance according to the sources of light around it
  • The jewelry can be personalized, as is all original designs
  • ODEHYA jewelry is made with positive consciousness, taking into consideration the environment, keeping it made in the USA, with a vision of creating job opportunities for people with disabilities
  • The jewelry base prices are affordable, with options to fit every budget

love necklace with pouch wm

I chose the Love necklace for my review. It came enclosed in a mauve pouch and included a small silver chain. The Love pendant is a little over 1/2 inch in circumference and has the word love etched in silver on the transparent glass.  There is a white/silver heart on the back of the glass, which you can see in the picture above.

I wore the necklace to a special night out with friends and got nothing but compliments. It pairs easily with a casual outfit, but also pairs nicely with a dress and heels. As a mom of two pre-schoolers, I don’t often have the chance to hit the town, but even going to the grocery store got me a few compliments.

Working with Rahel to find the perfect design that called to me was easy. She had me look at a few of her designs and I chose the one that was perfect for my style and for my busy life. I’m definitely keeping my eye on that Love ring next.

Take a look at some other beautiful ODEHYA pieces.

The Next Step for ODEHY’A

The next step, fueled by IndieGogo funding, will allow for the long awaited expansion and promotion of ODEHY’A designs. Manufacturing, marketing, working space and administrative support will join together synergistically to support the international proliferation of these lines of jewelry.

Join the ODEHY’A IndieGogo campaign to help.

About Rahel


Born in Jerusalem, Rahel has lived a fascinating life so far. Profoundly influenced by nature, culture and the arts since childhood, Rahel has worked as a graphic artist for prestigious clientele while traveling the world. She has always been an ‘out of the box’ thinker and do-er. She is able to fuse consciousness, art, and fashion design with perfect balance. Fueled by her desire to share her gifts, Rahel has found a way to create timeless and empowering jewelry at extremely reasonable prices, making it accessible to so many women in today’s modern culture.

Join the ODEHY’A IndieGogo campaign to help.

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