Order Treat Holiday Cards by 2 PM ET Today to Guarantee Christmas Eve Delivery!

It’s one week to Christmas Eve. You don’t have any cards yet. Panic sets in.

Relax, Treat has you covered.

If you saw my post yesterday, you already know the details. If you order today by 2:00pm ET, you can still get some awesome, personalized Christmas cards delivered to you (for your household or local friends) or to your friends and family across the country.

Don’t be like everyone else standing at the greeting card stand this week, trying to pick out a lame card from the few remaining leftovers. Give them a Christmas card they won’t forget.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit Treat and browse their hundreds of Christmas card designs.
2. Once you select your favorite design(s), personalize them by uploading photos and editing the fonts and text.
3. Order by 2pm ET today and they are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas Eve.

It’s that simple. Check them out today!

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