Our Plans for Indoor Play While It’s Raining Outside

Two toddlers inside all day long because it’s raining outside isn’t usually on the agenda. The tropical storm isn’t going away anytime soon. What to do? Well, I went to Pinterest and grabbed a few ideas.

We blew up Ivory Soap *sort of*
We raced cars. LOTS of cars!
We made “lunch” in the pretend kitchen. The tea was amazing.
We colored in coloring books and drew pictures for Grandma.
We are going to watch CARSCars 2 and Madagascar and eat lots of popcorn.

The rain isn’t going to be going anywhere for a few days so this is my list. I’ll be looking for more awesome ideas on Pinterest. I’ve seen quite a few projects that I want to do with the kids, but I’ve got to stock up on acrylic paint for most of them.

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