Paying It Forward is Gutzy!

I love to shop, but with such a tight budget I try to use as many coupons as possible and buy only what we actually will use. That expertise paid off when I was asked to go shopping for a child and buy as much back to school gear as I could for $25! Gutzy Gear gave 80 bloggers $25 each to spend on school supplies and backpack to donate (Pay It Forward) to a local child or school.

I grabbed my sales flyers and went to Office Depot where I was able to get 3 erasers, a glue stick, 2 rulers and 3 one subject notebooks for 1.67!! Then I went over to Walgreens and bought a pencil box and a pencil sharpener for a total of $1.28. I was able to get a box of crayons, children’s scissors, filler paper and a 24 pack of pencils for a total of $4.02! If you are keeping track, my total is $6.97.

I waited for the back packs to go on sale at Office Depot then I went back to snag one. I found a large black back pack with multi-colored circles that either a boy or a girl could use on sale for $9.99!! I added 2 packs of wet wipes, highlighters, 3 hole punch, tissues and a bottle of glue for a total of $16.74 this shopping trip. Then I went back to Target (not on the same day) and grabbed 4 more spiral notebooks and a pack of paper for $1.51.

My Grand Total for everything was $25.22!!! I was only $.22 over budget!!

Gutzy Gear sent me two back pack straps and a set of “gutzies” to put on the back pack. They are so cute! Read all about Gutzy Gear in this review from Mommy Needs Her Coffee.

My back pack is going to a local school for a child in need. I love being able to Pay It Forward, especially when children are involved. Events like this that make me proud to be a blogger. Thank you to both Gutzy Gear and Madame Deals Media for making this possible.

Disclosure: This event was sponsored by Gutzy Gear and powered by Madame Deals MediaI received no compensation for this post.

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    1. Thanks Dawn! It was so much fun to do and to know that it was going to someone who needed it made it that much more exciting!