Personalized Fleece Blanket Review

My husband gave me a funny look when I told him I was making a personalized blanket for my daughter. I got the “do you really think we need another blanket” look. Even living in Florida, I use blankets every day. I created my Personalized Fleece Blanket at and found the site easy to navigate.

Fleece Blanket


To create the blanket, I uploaded a picture from my computer and chose my design. I simply cropped the picture and added some words to the bottom of the picture. The whole process took less than 15 minutes! I love when I can create a personalized item for my friends and family quickly. Having two toddlers, my time is valuable so anything that saves me time is a blessing.

We received the blanket and showed it to my daughter. She jumped and smiled from ear to ear because she loves this blanket. It has a picture of her with her favorite stuffed animal. So far, we’ve used it as an actual blanket, as a wrap (it goes around her about 3 times), and a tea-party blanket. It is larger than I expected (measures 40″ x 60″), which was a pleasant surprise. The blanket itself is thin, but very soft and warm because it is made of fleece.

This was a wonderful gift for my daughter, so much so that I’m thinking of making one for myself. I definitely recommend and their Personalized Fleece Blankets.

Disclosure: I received this item for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. Thanks Stephanie! She loves the blanket. I actually was going to purchase one with my family’s picture on it, but my hubby said that he didn’t want a blanket with his picture on it! So, I went with one just for my baby. 😉

  1. I love the photo blankets. I made one for my mom at Christmas because she cuddles up on the couch and naps . Thanks for the review I’ll have to check this company out.