Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: The Complete Season

I missed out on the Power Rangers phenomena the first time around. I was in college at the time, but now my kids are obsessed. They’ve found Power Rangers on Netflix and they watch it whenever they get the chance. I now get to sit down with my kids and watch the Power Rangers that I missed out on in my younger years.

The Power Rangers Dino Super Charge: The Complete Season arrives on DVD and Digital HD on June 27 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

The Power Rangers continue their search for the Energems after Sledge’s defeat, but soon learn that his most dangerous prisoner, the evil Heckyl, survived! In light of this new threat, Kendall creates a powerful new Dino Charger that unlocks the Red Ranger’s T-Rex Super Charge mode! It will take every Zord, Megazord, and Dino Charger in the Power Rangers’ arsenal to finally unite all ten Energems and save the universe!

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