Pumpkin Patch Fun in Eustis, FL

Fall is upon us, even in Florida, and the pumpkin patches have finally made an appearance. 😉  You know in Florida that we don’t actually have seasons, just a few days of cooler weather around November, December, and January. When I say a few, maybe a week here or there. I’ve been a Florida girl my whole life and it’s something I’m used to by now.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah. We went to a Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival on Saturday at a local church. There were bounce houses, face painting, food, photographers, and the pumpkin patch.

This is the same pumpkin patch we’ve been bringing the kids to every year since they were born. I have pictures of them sitting in between all the pumpkins, that’s the one shot I try to get each year. It was so hot the day we went though, that I actually didn’t get many pumpkin pictures. I figure there will be one cooler day this month that I can put them in a long sleeved shirt for an hour or so and get a good shot. 😀

Take a look at some of the great shots I was able to get of the kids having fun. In addition to my two, my best friend was there with her three children and we were able to spend the morning together while the kids were having fun.

Pumpkin Patch EditedBounce House Edited

This pumpkin patch is located at Trinity Evangelical Free Church, 890 Abrams Rd., Eustis, FL.

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