Q & A with Carlos Alazraqui Voice of El Chupacabra in Disney’s PLANES #DisneyPlanesEvent

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui voice of El Chupacabra Q&A

Part of the Disney Planes Event that I attended in June, was holding interviews with some of the cast of Disney’s PLANES. You read my interview with Teri Hatcher, now I want to tell you about our interview with Carlos Alazraqui. Carlos is the voice of El Chupacabra in the movie.

I’ll tell you that El Chu is my FAVORITE character in the movie. This was probably the most that I’ve laughed during an interview, so forgive me if I forget what I’m talking about. I was completely enamored with Carlos Alaraqui, between his stories and his voices I was laughing for most of the meeting.

He would break out in character voices during the interview, anything from his PLANES character El Chupacabra to his voice as Filipe the Philips Screwdriver on Handy Manny. It was great to see him in his element, where he was comfortable.

Here are some of the highlights from our interview.

He enjoyed playing El Chupacabra and felt like he was able to capture El Chu’s passion. Carlos fealt that El Chupacabra was endearing, courageous and fun. His favorite scene in Disney’s PLANES was the scene leading to him singing “Love Machine.” I’ve got to say, I liked that part too.

It took 20 sessions in the sound booth to complete his role as El Chu and he worked on it for 2 years. Even though Carlos has worked in both live action and animation, he likes doing family movies. He says that it is easier to do live action, but it is more fun to do voice over work. He is such a talented actor and he finds it easy to move into the different accents.

I’ve seen PLANES twice now, and my favorite line in the film is “I swish my cape at you,” as spoken by El Chupacabra. I’ll put the first time he says it here so you can see it.

If you’ve missed any of my Disney Planes Event journey, take a look now and get caught up. I had such a great time and I’ll have a few more posts coming soon.

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  1. That’s so funny that he would break out into character! I had no idea he also plays the voice of Handy Manny’s screwdriver.