Rainy Day Racing

I have a little boy who loves his cars. Matchbox, Hot Wheels, CARS, firetrucks, racing cars and roadsters. It doesn’t matter, if it has four wheels (sometimes more) he wants it. More than likely, he already has it. So the other morning when it was raining outside he decided that it was time to build an indoor race track (or two). 

Once he and Daddy built the tracks to his specifications, I had to get the camera because he asked for LOTS of pictures. How could I say no to that face. Here are some of the pictures from that day.

Look what I made!

That is a proud little boy!

Yep, Chick Hicks can fly.

Same day, new outfit.

…still racing.
Sissy is home, we have to pick up now.


My daughter has become so much like her big brother because she wants to try everything that he does. I’m trying to give her “girly” things to play with, but she always goes back to the cars. I love that she looks up to her big brother, but her big brother would rather she played with her own things sometimes. He even found her a Rav4 truck with flowers on it at a garage sale a few weeks ago and said that ‘Sissy has to have this’. Mainly so that she would have her own car to play with and leave his alone.

I love my son’s imagination. His brain never stops working on new ideas for his cars or the tracks they race on. I can’t tell you how many pictures I took of cars flying off the track. He had such a great time, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

I love days like this.

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  1. So creative! I love when kids use their imagination, it always makes me smile and my kids have lots of imagination as well 🙂 My daughter always wants my son’s toys as well…and that’s usually when the fights break out lol

  2. This age is the best! Keep their imaginations going like this. Once you get that video nonsense, it’s over…ugh

  3. very good pictures, I have a little boy that also loves his truck/car, but overboard with trains, he has to have every train that he see’s, guess grannie & poppie spoiled him

  4. I love this! It is so cute that your son wanted to build an indoor race track. I think I’ll try this with my boys sometime soon.