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Rogue One Event

I got home yesterday from an exciting 3-day adventure in San Francisco. It was so very hard keeping that secret from everyone until the morning I left, but I’m glad that I was able to take this journey. Attending the Rogue One Press Event, from interviewing the cast and filmmakers, to walking the floors of Lucasfilm HQ it was surreal. Seeing the hallways lined with movie posters from movies that Industrial Light & Magic worked on, walking through and looking at the props from the different movies was magical. Props from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Roger Rabbit, Transformers, and so much more just puts a smile on your face. They had a hand in many incredible films, including films you and I grew up with. Let me share a bit about my trip and see how many pictures bring back your favorite movie memories.


Skywalker Ranch

Let’s get down to it! The night of our arrival in San Francisco, we traveled to Skywalker Ranch and had the pleasure of screening 28 minutes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A few things about this experience: 1. It was unbelievable to be sitting in the Stag Theater at Skywalker Ranch. 2. I may have squealed on the inside. 3. The scenes of Rogue One that I viewed were quite spectacular. The screening was explosive, the characters were larger than life, and there were elements of both humor and sadness sprinkled throughout.

I cannot wait to take the family to watch the whole movie, if what I’ve seen is any indication on how spectacular this film will be.

What did we do after the short screening? Drinks, appetizers, photos with Stormtroopers, and shopping at the gift shop. Take a look at some of my favorite moments.



While in the gift shop, we saw this angel image with Skywalker written on it. The woman working at the store explained that this angel was the original concept for Skywalker. That is so interesting! I had no idea.


Last, but not least is the house on Skywalker Ranch. It’s decorated for Christmas and absolutely beautiful!



Lucasfilm Headquarters

Just a few of my favorite pictures from Lucasfilm HQ taken earlier this week. #RogueOneEvent

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The next morning we made our way over to Lucasfilm Headquarters for a very long, exciting day of interviews ( Diego Luna (“Cassian”), Felicity Jones (“Jyn”), Riz Ahmed (“Bodhi”), Ben Mendelsohn (“Krennic”), Donnie Yen (“Chirrut”), Alan Tudyk (“K2SO”), Mads Mikkelson (“Galen”), Director Gareth Edwards, and “Star Wars Rebels” Executive Producer Dave Filoni) and tours. You’ll read more about the interviews later this week, but today we will focus on our tour of Lucasfilm HQ. With so many wonderful things happening, I’d like to share with you some of the photos that stand out to me. You’ll recognize a lot of the props from the films included here.

But, first! Check out these Rogue One themed Nissan vehicles. You know you want one.



Before we even reached the lobby, we found Yoda.


Some of the fun finds in the lobby.





We spent all of Sunday at Lucasfilm HQ, between interviews and touring we stayed very busy. That being said, there are so many pictures that I want to share with you.

This particular Han Solo is not a prop used in filming, but was on display at Hard Rock Cafe.


Motion Capture

Let’s talk a little bit about K-2S0 and the process to get him on screen. Lucasfilm used a process called motion capture and it’s incredible! They put the actor into these specially made clothes that fit like pajamas and that transmit pictures to the monitor. The actor’s movements cause K-2S0’s movements on screen. It really is incredible what they can do in movies these days.

Oh, and I should mention that K-2S0’s actor, Alan Tudyk, also filmed his scenes wearing the suit while walking on stilts. That is so the eye line with the other actors was correct and that they would have to look up at K-2So. He’s 7 feet tall, you know.



I cannot wait to share my cast and filmmaker interviews with you both this week and next! It was so incredible and the actors had quite a bit to say about their roles in the film. Needless to say, there will be a few more pictures to share over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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