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The Good Cards

Do you like doing nice things for others? Want to have a little fun while helping spread a little kindness? This new app may be just what you’ve been searching for! The Good Cards is a new game to assist you in spreading happiness and is perfect for people who are into changing the world, helping others, and having fun.

I think all of us could use a little more help changing the world, why not start with a fun game?

The team at Better World International is committed to making the world a better place by incentivizing acts of kindness. How are they doing it? By gamifying kindness and using technology to do so.

What are The Good Cards?

The Good Cards has a simple premise: Combine a biodegradable, physical object that you can carry around in your pocket with technology, and paying it forward becomes an effortless fun and exciting experience.

  • The Good card is a real physical card made from biodegradable material and it is your entrance into the game.
  • Scan the card with our mobile app and you will be sent on a mission to do something good for someone else.
  • After you do a good deed, pass the card to the person touched by your deed, and let the card perform its magic.
  • Pay it forward and pass it on to the next person and change the world.

When I got my card from The Good Cards, I immediately downloaded the app on the Google Play Store (also available on the App Store). There are two ways to get a card, pick one up or receive one from a The Good Cards’ partner company. Then, using the mobile app, scan the QR code from the back of the card.

The good that happens next is up to you! Either complete a challenge set by The Good Cards or get creative and invent your own. Do your good deed and pass the card along to the recipient or deliver anonymously. Share your story and inspire others, and the best part? You can track where your card goes via the app! Feel good about seeing how your good deed influenced other good deeds and affected the world one person at a time.


Now, you do have a deadline once you scan your card. For example, now that I have my first assignment I have a countdown timer of 2 days and 23 hours before my card expires. The first assignment is about me, so once that task has been completed I’ll get a task to spread kindness to another person and then hand off the card. One card can travel through the hands of hundreds of people.

If you enjoy sharing the love, get another card and do another good deed. It’s like one big happiness circle and I cannot wait to share the love. I had three cards and I’ve given two to friends who I know like to do random acts of kindness, I’ve kept one for myself and scanned it just this week. I can’t wait to see where my card ends up! Just think of all the kindness that will be shared just by starting with one person. And even looking at the bigger picture, what kind of impact can these cards help acheive? I think it’s a worthwhile company to support. 

Learn more here.

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