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April 8th is Talking Ginger’s birthday! It’s time to celebrate.

We received a Talking Ginger party pack a couple of weeks ago for the kids to review and help Ginger celebrate.

The party pack we received contained:

  • Talking Ginger Superstar
  • Talking Tomcat keychain
  • Talking Angela iPhone case
  • 8 pack Talking Friends magnets
  • Tomcat notebooks
  • Talking Friends Underwater bottle
  • Talking Friends drawstring bag
  • Talking Friends shopping bag
  • 2 Talking Ginger toothbrushes
  • Crest toothpaste

Talking Ginger Plush Toy

Bring your apps to life with Talking Friends Superstar, a first-of-its kind app-powered toy line.

Poke, tickle or play with Talking Ginger and Talking Ginger Superstar toy will scream, laugh or comment back.

Built from the ground up with mobile devices in mind, Talking Ginger Superstar seamlessly responds to your Talking Friends apps with catchy tunes, witty riddles, amusing jokes and a number of whimsical sounds.

We downloaded the Free Talking Ginger Smartphone App for my phone, so that it would interact with the Plush Toy. This wasn’t a requirement, as the Plush Toy can sing and laugh without the app. I just wanted to try it out, and then the kids fell in love with Ginger. They have so much fun with the app, they can help him brush his teeth, take a shower and get a blow dry.

Talking Ginger App

There’s even a game to see how fast the kids can roll through a roll of toilet paper. For each task, they earn a puzzle piece and can complete Talking Ginger picture puzzles.  I like that there’s a Timer for brushing teeth on the app. We start the timer and the kids start brushing their teeth until the timer goes off. They think it’s a game, and the kids get clean teeth. It’s a win-win!

Celebrate Ginger’s Birthday with a card and be entered to WIN a Talking Ginger Superstar Toy

Talking Ginger Birthday Cards copy

My kids created birthday cards to celebrate Ginger’s day. Have your kids create birthday cards, too! You might win a Talking Ginger toy! Email birthday cards for Ginger to his uncle at  to*@ta************.com. The collection of the drawings will last until May 5th and one lucky author will get a Talking Ginger Superstar toy.

Ginger’s Birthday App

Ginger’s Birthday is set in Talking Tom’s backyard where Talking Ginger is really enjoying his big day with good food (healthy and sweets!), party whistles, candles and more. Every time you feed Talking Ginger, make some noise with the party whistle and blow all the candles out, a new puzzle piece of Ginger’s birthday party memories unlocks. Ginger’s Birthday App will be available in late April. Take a look at the trailer to Ginger’s Birthday app on Talking Ginger’s Playground. While you’re there, check out all the great recipes for kids.

You can follow Talking Friends and Talking Ginger on Facebook. 

 Enter to WIN a Talking Ginger party pack just like the one we received. Giveaway ends 4/26 at 11:59 pm EST.

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