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The Identical Starring Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd

The Identical

 The Identical, starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, and Blake Rayne is a redemptive movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who rejects his father’s desire for him to join the ministry and instead embarks on a career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success, failure and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really us. The Identical is a captivating story about a family restored and a life discovered that lifts your soul and warms your heart.

Available January 13th on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD and DVD.

The Identical Trailer

What happens when a son decides to follow his heart and not his father’s calling? In The Identical, Ryan Wade (Blake Rayne) grows up the son of a preacher or as Dino (Seth Green) likes to call him, P.K. – preacher’s kid. He grows up feeling in his heart that something else is calling him other than the ministry, but can he disappoint those he loves? He struggles with finding himself and finding out where this “pull” that he feels is coming from.

Ray Liotta is captivating in the role of Ryan’s dad. From beginning to end, the preacher is most definitely a stand-out character. Ashley Judd plays the preacher’s wife perfectly and with such emotion. I cannot imagine what it was like in the 1930’s for a parent who had to make an unthinkable decision about their newborn child. The Identical draws you in with its story of life-altering consequences and keeps you watching as Ryan’s life unfolds before your eyes.

From the preacher’s son to the military to the music stage, follow along with this heartwarming story of a son embarks on a journey to find himself and follow his dreams. Lots of music, a ton of angst, and a huge secret can all be found in The Identical.
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