Toddy Gear Ups Their Back to School Game with Fun Prints #BTSGuide

Thank you to Toddy Gear for participating in the 2017 Product Guide and for sending these fun back to school products for review. 

New back-to-school prints on tech essentials from Toddy Gear

No matter where I set up my desk for the day, I can be prepared with my new power bank and phone wedge from Toddy Gear. Who knew I needed a wedge? It’s perfect for holding my phone off the table and I can keep it within reach so I don’t miss any important calls.

Check it out. I got the new back-to-school prints from Toddy Gear, including this fun Pug Life Wedge for the phone. My daughter doesn’t have a phone yet, but she’s already trying to figure out a new use for it so she can steal it (she’s 7!). Now, when I set up shop at the local coffee shop I can set my phone on the wedge, attach the phone to the Critters Smart Charge power bank, open my laptop and get to work.

Pug Life Wedge

Whether in the office, at home, or even on an airplane, this beanbag-like stand cradles your smartphone for a hands-free look at your screen. From keeping recipes front and center to propping up your favorite Netflix show on a plane or to entertain your kids, the Wedge is the tech accessory you need to simplify your life.

Critters Smart Charge Power Bank

Say goodbye to boring, one-color power banks and say hello to portable charging power with personality. Finally, a portable battery as creative and unique as the gadget it’s charging and it’s owner.

This travel-sized power bank will charge your gadgets anytime, anywhere in a style that is all your own. Save time and stress by eliminating the inconvenience of powering down when you can least afford it.

When I went on vacation just a few weeks ago, I packed my Toddy Gear supplies and was able to keep my phone charged so that I could grab photos of the kids at the beach. I kept it charge throughout our day at Kennedy Space Center. The Critters Smart Charge power bank looks cute, but it charges quickly so I didn’t miss any memorable moments with the family.

Jazzy Smart Cloth

No one likes an oily, dirty screen full of fingerprints and dust. But it’s unavoidable—near constant use of smartphones, tablets and laptops leads to the gross build up of grease and grime throughout the day. Keep your screens clean with eco-friendly and fashionable microfiber Smart Cloths that are made right here in the USA.

I use the smart cloth to clean my laptop screen, especially after the kids get their hands on it! I’ve also tried it on my phone, my glasses, and my Kindle. It works like a charm.

Toddy Gear is committed to bringing top-of-the-line tech accessories to an ever-expanding audience of gadget lovers. Now, more than ever, they are equipped to meet the needs and surpass the expectations of their customers with fashionable and functional lifestyle accessories. It just the beginning of an extraordinary, worldwide movement to clean your screen, and color your world.

Visit Toddy Gear on their website or Facebook. Which back-to-school print would you choose?

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