Treasure Hunting Day Was Awesome!

What do 50 Cars, 20 outfits & 2 sheet sets have in common? I got them all while treasure hunting this morning. Read on…

My son and I went to two garage sales this morning because he wanted to go “treasure hunting”. We hit the jackpot.  

First, here’s my son with all his “new” cars from the movie CARS. – ALL of them for $2.50. I’d say that may be the best find of the day or maybe the month. Awesome!
He had to sort them out of the basket when we got home.
Then we have all the outfits that my growing daughter needed. Lots of them still had the tags on them. There are also two books (in the picture) that we picked up this morning too.
Here’s the final picture of the two sheet sets with comforters & a quilt that we picked up at the same garage sale. I love a good “treasure hunt”.
In total, I spent $15. Look at all this great stuff. The CARS alone are worth more than that. I’m so lucky that my son loves to go treasure hunting with me – it makes it so much more fun to find treasures. 

What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten at a garage sale?

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  1. Holy MOLY! I can’t believe you got all those “Cars” movie cars for that cheap! My son would have a heart attack if he had that mother load! lol. Great treasures Sherry!!

    1. I saw the basket of the cars on the table (he didn’t see them) and I picked it up and asked how much she wanted for all of them (they were marked 25 cents each) and she said $2.50. I almost dropped the basket. Some are duplicated, but OH MY! I have one very happy little boy!