TV Shows at the Gas Pump

TV Shows at the Gas Pump

I guess technology is finally coming to my neck of the woods. 😉  I went to fill up my gas tank this morning and there was a new card machine on the pump. That’s not the technology I’m talking about, we’ve had those for years. What I’m talking about is after I swiped my Fuel Perks card, then swiped my debit card and started pumping gas. The normal, right?

Well, then there’s a TV screen on the gas pump that starts showing me this week’s weather. I guess that’s okay, but Access Hollywood comes on talking about the Wolverine movie. Um, I’m still standing at the gas pump.

My first thought is that they want to lure people into watching the “shows” on the screen so they aren’t paying attention to how much they are spending at the pump. That honestly is still what I’m thinking. I don’t know. Is this what we’re moving towards? Watching TV shows while pumping gas? Can we not go 10 minutes without being in front of technology? I know, who am I kidding. We all knew that this was coming.

Now, thanks to Verifone and the gas station we can continue to watch meaningless TV. Although, it was nice to know the rain was coming tonight. 😀

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