Udderly Smooth Review

Udderly Smooth

My Mom used to use Udderly Smooth years ago and it worked well for her, but I never actually tried it until recently. I am really enjoying all the Udderly Smooth items I received to review.

I received a twin pack of Udder Cream tubes, Shea Foot Cream, and the Original Udderly Smooth Body Cream jar. My kids were asking why the bottles have a cow print Β logo on them. I explained that the Udder Cream was originally used on cows. It took them a minute to grasp that concept, but then they asked to try it. So now, we’ve replaced some of our other moisturizers and creams and are using the Udder Cream.

Living in Florida, the weather has been changing a lot. One day it will be warm and sunny, the next day it will be windy and cold. This is definitely not my favorite time of year, but the Udder Cream has been a huge help in keeping my skin soft and not cracked. Having two little children in the middle of cold season, I wash my hands all the time. Now, I use the Udder Cream on my hands every time I wash my hands and it has been nice always having soft skin.

  • Twin Pack of Udder Cream Tubes are available at Walgreens.
  • Shea Foot Cream available at CVS Pharmacy in the Foot Care section

Disclosure: I received these items for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Sponsor is responsible for prize delivery.

Topic: Udderly Smooth Review

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  1. I love AHAVA. I have very dry hands and feet during the winter. It works great but I also love Udderly Smooth. I don’t like a lot of scents. It always gives me a headache. lol

    1. Because of my asthma I can’t do scented items either, Melanie. The Udder Balm doesn’t really have a scent, so it’s perfect. Have a great week!

  2. I have terribly dry skin, and I hate lotion, lol. It makes me feel greasy and dirty. Udderly Smooth is the ONLY lotion I will use! I LOVE it! It works great on my dry skin, and I still feel clean.

  3. I was just planning to buy some of this for my hubby, he works outside and the cold, dry air makes his hands split and bleed, I was told that this lotion was awesome! I would choose the vanilla scent.

  4. I wash my hands a lot and it stays on forever. I can’t handle scents either. They give me headaches.

  5. I do not put my feet on the ground until I lather them in Udderly Smooths foot cream. I have been diabetic for 11 years and just went to my podiatrist this past week and he once again told me how wonderful my feet look (I also suffer from Raynaud’s disease-involving the feet). I like fragrance free products for my feet.

  6. Lately I am hooked on BBW Twilight Woods but I also use softer vanilla based scents

  7. I work at a hospital and wash my hands all day for 12 hours.I need some udder cream to share with my fellow workers

  8. Vanilla is my favorite scent in a lotion. I would love to win Udderly Smooth! Their products really help dry skin!

  9. I usually like the Original scent and Fragrance Free! With a lot of the scents I break out with a rash. So I have to be careful what I buy. I do like most of the scents they smell good!

  10. Favorite lotion scent is cucumber melon – but the most intensive lotions (the ones that REALLY work) are usually unscented, so it depends on the condition of my hands/feet/legs as to which I use.

  11. i like lavender, but prefer scent free b/c may interfere with my perfume…

  12. I would rather my lotion not have a sent but if I had to pick one I would say vanilla.

  13. I like Jergen’s Cherry Almond .. or anything Vanilla or Coconut scented πŸ™‚

  14. My favorite lotion is Udderly Smooth. I have been using it for about 10 years.