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New parents have all been there. Sleepless nights, new-mom brain, forgetting to pack something in the diaper bag. I’ve come up with four things that I wish I had known before I became a parent.

4 things I wish I knew before I had children.

I’ll say it – there are a TON of things that I didn’t know before I had kids. Even though I was in my thirties when I had my first child, it was still a new experience for me and I didn’t know what to expect.  Luckily had a very supportive husband and family to navigate the new world of babies. 😉

I’ve narrowed it down to four things I wish I had known before I had children.

1.  That not all children are created equal. Meaning, what works for one child may not work for your other children. For me, my son and daughter are polar opposites. One slept through the night almost immediately and the other still gets up most nights and he is almost 6. Stick to what works best for each child separately as opposed to trying to get a square peg into a round hole.

2.  Not all diapers are created equal. Whether you go for the cloth diapers or the disposable diapers, some just work better than others. For us, Pampers worked for both of my children. We went through different diapers trying to find what worked best for our son, since he was our first born. For my daughter, we went straight for the Pampers because she was a preemie and they had a diaper that fit her perfectly.

3. Don’t beat yourself up about the little things. Life is very rarely perfect and you need to learn to go with the flow. Babies are on their own schedule, whether or not it fits in your schedule. You may not have a shower or get dressed that day, but you have a little one that is perfectly content with you being a little disheveled.

4. Cherish every milestone. Whether it be the first word, the first tooth, or the first time sleep through the night. Be sure to take a moment to commit those moments to memory because life moves way to fast while the babies grow to toddlers, toddlers grow to preschoolers, and so on. Soon they’ll be going on their first date, graduating high school, going to college, and getting married. *Don’t tell my husband, he says that they aren’t going to date until they are 30*

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