Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! 5 Winners!

Madame Deals Media has joined up with RoyalNote to bring you this Awesome Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!


We’re giving Away (5) $50 Amazon Gift Cards!!

I love saving money, but you knew that already. I also love telling companies what I like and don’t like about their products. What if both saving money and providing feedback worked together so that you could get even bigger discounts? Welcome to Royal Note! Take a look at the details below for all the info on Royal Note, click on my invitation link, register and then enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Contest Details

  • Giveaway will run from Jan. 30th at 12:01 am EST and end on Feb. 13th at 11:59 pm EST.
  • Winners MUST register for RoyalNote in order to be eligible to WIN.
  • RoyalNote is an INVITE ONLY site so Family, Love and Other Stuff Fans can click on this INVITATION LINK in order to register. Register now and then head into the Rafflecopter to complete your entries.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Our Sponsor

RoyalNote is offering expedited access to their invite only service, exclusively to our readers. RoyalNote is a great way to receive substantial discounts from national brands, without having to pay a cent.

So how does RoyalNote work?

RoyalNote will feature one of their brand partners through flash promotions, and notify you by email and/or social media. The promotions are in the form of a short multiple choice survey, which allows you to provide valuable feedback (anonymously) to the brands.

Answer the first question, and receive a discount from the brand. If you choose to answer the next question, you’ll receive a bigger discount. Keep answering the questions until you’ve completed the survey, and you’ll end up with a substantial discount. The brands appreciate your time and feedback, and convey this to you through the issuing of these discounts.

You do not have to be the only one to reap the rewards from the brands. Once you’ve claimed and secured your discount, share the experience with your family and friends. Not only will they appreciate the gesture, you can earn additional Royal Dollars (a virtual currency used within the RoyalNote site) that can be used to redeem gift cards offered through the RoyalNote Gallery.

Don’t miss this chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Good Luck!

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