Wordless Wednesday: Dolphins

Dolphins at Sea World
We spend a lot of time at Sea World and the kids are always drawn to the dolphins.

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  1. Did you take that picture? Wow, that’s beautiful!! I would love to go to Sea World someday…we have Marineland…but I don’t think it’s as good probably.

    1. Thanks Brandi, I did take this picture & I have about 1000+ more from Sea World. We spend way too much time there, but we love it & the kids love it!

      Thanks for linking up!

  2. Dolphins are just so serene and beautiful! I’ve never been to Sea World. Would love to go someday though. You are very lucky to live so close.

  3. Must be nice to live so close! Lucky!! My daughter just swam with dolphins in Mexico!!

  4. Great picture! The dolphin exhibit at Sea World is great, too bad it’s always pretty crowded though too.. My boys love the whales the best! 🙂