Add Color To Your Garden With The Brightest Flowers On Earth

One of the most enjoyable things about spring are the gorgeous flowers that begin to bloom, adding magnificent colors to yards and gardens throughout the neighborhood.  When planting your garden, make sure you use a variety of bright and vibrant colors to make it really pop.  Not only do vivid colored make your garden look gorgeous, but they also attract a diverse variety of insect life as well.  The brighter your flower garden, the more butterflies and hummingbirds will make your garden one of their frequent stops.
Brightest Flowers On Earth
If you are looking to plant a dynamic garden this spring, here are some plants that will make your yard space the talk of the neighborhood.

  • Daybreak Red Stripe:  This beautiful yellow flower is striped with a vibrant red throughout the petals.  It thrives in dry soils and is perfect as a summer groundcover.
  • Trailing Gazania:  This bright yellow flower is a sight to behold.  While it is one of the brightest plants on the planet, it is native to southern Africa.  Gazania makes a great groundcover and looks best when planted in large clumps around your yard or garden.
  • Aurora’s Kiss:  This amazing flower comes in beautiful purple and red varieties.  With dozens of curled petite petals, this plant brings a beautiful color to the garden.
  • Maypop (passiflora incamata):  These purple passionflowers are sure to brighten up any space.
  • Bellis:  These bright red perennial plants are native to the Mediterranean region and grow approximately 10 to 20 cm tall.  They have been introduced to North America and are used in gardens everywhere.

Buying Your Garden Flowers
While some of these beautiful plants may be extremely rare to parts of North America, others have been introduced into many states and can be found at your local gardening shop.  Since different plants thrive in different climates, soil, and sunshine exposure, it is important to research your garden plants before buying them.  

  • Soil:  Some plants love wet soil full of moisture, while others prefer dry soil and little water.  Make sure to buy plants that will respond well to the soil in your space.
  • Sunshine exposure is another critical element when planting a garden.  Check to see if your plants need full sun, partial sun, or shade.
  • Climate:  Depending on whether you live in a desert climate, a tropical climate, or a forest, you want to choose plants that will grow best in your region.

Give A Colorful Gift
Not only do colorful plants brighten up your garden space, but they can brighten up a special occasion as well.  A beautiful bouquet can make good birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and wedding gifts, just to name a few.  Most everyone loves to receive a gorgeous arrangement to fill their room with color and fragrance.  Bouquets are a great way to enjoy the beauty of a spring arrangement, any time of the year.
Everything is better in life when it is filled with exquisite color.  Plant some color into your life with vibrant flowers.  Whether you are buying them as a gift for someone else, or you are getting them for your own pleasure, plants add beauty to our everyday lives.

Disclosure: Article courtesy of Pro Flowers

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