CARS 3 Spoiler-Free Movie Review #Cars3Event

CARS 3 Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Ka-Chow! Lightning McQueen is back and better than ever in CARS 3 with some of our favorite characters and even a few new ones. As Lightning is getting older, he has new issues. No longer is he the cocky little racecar, but now he’s dealing with some of the same issues us 40 somethings are feeling. Disney-Pixar once again gives us an animated family movie that has so much heart.

From start to finish you will fall in love, again, with the CARS characters. Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo) is the stand-out star of this film. It was nice to see that there is an underlying theme of ‘girl power’ in this film and that will resound with the girls in the audience and hopefully will level the playing field when it comes to stereotypes. As we found out in the interviews, the filmmakers used some of Cristela’s actual childhood stories as Cruz’s background story. Those stories are as heartbreaking as they are powerful messages for parents.

The graphics in CARS 3 are nothing short of spectacular. There are some scenes within the film that look real, that’s how incredible they are. In talking with the filmmakers we learned how much work went into creating the scenes to look that realistic and it is truly amazing how far they’ve come since the original CARS movie.

Original characters including Mater, Fillmore, Doc, and Sally all make an appearance in the newest film. It was great to see them again and to see the relationship between Lightning McQueen and Sally. The flashbacks with Doc and Lightning were so heartfelt and emotional, especially with the character passing previously. My favorite new character is most definitely Cruz, but Sterling and Jackson Storm come in a close second.

This movie hit all the marks with the entire legacy storyline and is the perfect addition to the CARS franchise and I’ll be taking the kids on opening night! A+ family film.

CARS 3 Opens June 16th!

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*A special thanks to Disney for asking me to cover this media event.

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