Sterling’s Big Adventure AKA Nathan Stole My Diecast #Cars3Event

Saturday was a crazy day! We interviewed the CARS 3 voice cast and filmmakers at the Anaheim Convention Center. Included in those interviews was Nathan Fillion. Now, I’ve followed Nathan’s career since Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up.

In preparation for the interviews I searched for a “Sterling” diecast, as that character is voiced by Nathan Fillion. After searching high and low, I ended up driving to a Target an hour from my house and my husband and I found one in the back of a rack of all the other CARS diecast cars. Either they didn’t distribute many or everyone has been buying them off the shelves. Either way I was just happy to have mine in hand.

Sterling was ready for the trip! He wanted in the carry-on, but I threw him in my back pack and we were off to California.

Amy from As the Bunny Hops and Debbie from Africa’s Blog brought along a few CARS 3 diecasts as well, so they were lined up in front of the voice talent before the interviews. The picture below is the last time I saw the Sterling diecast in person, but not the last time we see Sterling.

Photo credit: Louise Bishop/


I’ve got to say, if I lost the diecast at all this is the way I want to lose it. Nathan made sure it ended up on the red carpet. But, that’s not the end to this story.

I ran into Nathan Fillion at the CARS 3 World Premiere after party and he asked if I wanted it back. I did say no, much to my son’s dismay. But, Nathan asked if he could take a selfie of us. So, of course, my answer was yes.

I have to say that this was the highlight of my trip. Since I’ll always have a soft spot for Mal (Firefly) this ranks high on my celebrity experiences. At least it’s the coolest story I have about a celebrity.

CARS 3 opens everywhere on June 16th! Check out the full Cars 3 World Premiere Red Carpet experience here.

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